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15 Jan/2015 - Hello Complaints Board. Well I accidentally found your website. I can see you have an excellent service.
As to your "Category of Complaint" I could not find a title to fit. To clarify, I have a serious complaint against Offshore alert
publication - owner David Marchant. I am presently working on all of the papers and evidence I need to send to you for
publication. This is complex and this is going to take several weeks to get every thing in logical order.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Jose, CA

Then why did I contact you now? Because I want to get registered with you in advance of my papers to be published.
Your website said, to "register" I had to complete a two step process. I completed the two step process. And then
I was taken (step 3) to this form which I am not presently ready to complete. I was expecting to receive from you a
code or password after I completed the two step registration form. I have not received anything. I wanted to LOGIN
to your website but I need the code/pass to do so. Can you please send me the code/pass so I can login into your
website? Thank you very much. George ( [protected] )

Jan 10, 2015

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  • Da
      Jan 24, 2015

    This attempt at a complaint against me and my firm is from George Dennison Sprague, who fled the United States before an arrest warrant was issued against him in 1985 at federal court in South Carolina, where he was criminally indicted on multiple counts involving the preparation of fraudulent income tax returns. He’s been a fugitive ever since.

    In 2002, an unlicensed fund called Genesis Fund that he managed in Costa Rica collapsed owing an estimated $50 m to approximately 1, 100 investors.

    In 2003, fraud charges were brought against him in Costa Rica regarding a scheme in which 14 foreign investors were swindled out of $1.3 million in a bogus, high-yield investment scheme.

    In 2008, he was identified as a “person of interest” in a court filing in the U.S. by the United Kingdom authorities regarding an investigation into money laundering, theft, financial fraud and conspiracy.

    Most fraudsters aren't very bright, in my experience, as evidenced by the fact that Sprague can't even figure out how to use your service.

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