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Off Lease Only WPB / sold us a bmw disclosing accident - not frame damage

Aug 13, 2015
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Off Lease Only
West Palm Beach
We bought a 2011 BMW 328i back in Feb 2014 at OffLeaseOnly West Palm Beach location. We spent countless hours reading through Carfax's and Descriptions to find a car with "minimum" damage as most of their cars have some type of accident. We ended up finding this BMW with low mileage and a clean Carfax but it was noted in their description it had an accident. After looking at the car we were told the car has some type of damage on the passenger side which required repainting that side of the car. We asked why Carfax did not note the damage and was told the accident was probably minor and the previous owner fixed it without notifying his insurance. We accepted that justification and purchased the car. Here we are about 19 months later and my wife decided she wants an upgrade so we went to Carmax to have the car appraised which to our surprise disclosed that the carfax noted as having frame damage at auction when offleaseonly purchased it. OfflaseOnly never disclosed the frame damage - only noted the car was in a previous accident which we were told was minor? We went back to offleaseonly and spoke to Jimmy - he said they had no idea what type of accident the car had even though it was disclosed at the auction per the Carfax report from Carmax? I told him had we known the car had frame damage we would of never purchased it. He said he will do his best to try to work it out with us and sent the car for an appraisal - came back with $12, 000.00 noting we put about 33, 000 miles on it and that justifies the lowered value ( the car averaged about 13.5K miles/year which is high per Jimmy). We said ok can you at least work with us on the price of another car - he said no they only have a profit margin of $500?? Really!! Buyers just beware of the cars you buy at OffLeaseOnly - a minor accident as in our case can end up being frame damage which will significantly devalue you car. Now we are stuck with a frame damaged car because no one will give fair market trade in value which I was told was around $14-15k with the year/mileage 328i. AGAIN BUYERS BEWARE WITH OFFLEASEONLY WHEN YOU SIGN THE ACCIDENT DISCLOSURE!!

Jerry M.


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A  1st of Mar, 2017 by 
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The Same thing happened to me!!!
N  2nd of Oct, 2017 by 
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@MariaLG Beware!!!­­­
The truth about “previous accident” vehicles at offleaseonly
If you are even thinking about purchasing a vehicle at any of the offleaseonly, inc., dealerships in florida, (miami, orlando, or west palm beach) it is in your interest to pay close attention to the following facts:
Approximately eighty percent (80%) of the vehicles offleaseonly sells have been involved in a very serious accident and have structural damage to the frame and/or unibody. whenever carfax knows that a vehicle has sustained structural damage to the frame, it warns customers using their service that "structural damage may impact vehicle safety and reliability.  get the unibody or the frame of the vehicle inspected by a professional"; therefore,
Make sure you ask for the autocheck report on every vehicle
Offleaseonly, inc., is fully aware that every vehicle that is listed on their webpage as a "previous accident" vehicle was in a very serious accident and sustained structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, because when they purchase the vehicles the auction provides them with auction reports (based upon physical inspections by trained professional appraisers) that describe in detail the damage to the vehicle, where the damage was, and how it was repaired. the auction reports are then entered into a data base called "autocheck". *if you are still thinking of purchasing a vehicle that has sustained structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, I strongly urge you to take it to a mechanic with a copy of the auction report so the mechanic will know what to look for. do not undermine your family’s safety; therefore, ­
Make sure you ask for the autocheck report on every vehicle
Vehicles that have sustained structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, have drastically depreciated in actual market value. these vehicles get reclassified as “inferior vehicles” because of the degree of damage caused by the accidents. translation: you buy a structurally damaged vehicle today for $20, 000, and if in three (3) days you want to sell it, you will be lucky if a dealership offers you $11, 000. * if you are still thinking of purchasing one of these vehicles, I strongly urge you to take it to any dealership during your test drive and ask them to appraise it as if you were outright selling it to them, they will verify for you that the vehicle has structural damage to the frame and offer you maybe half (1/2) what you paid for it; therefore,
Make sure you ask for the autocheck report on every vehicle
After you verify that the information I have provided you is the absolute truth, then share it on social media everywhere: facebook, yelp, dealerrater, bbb, twitter, edmunds, instagram, etc…. don’t let your family or friends get fooled into overpaying for an inferior vehicle that has sustain structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, that may ultimately be unsafe to drive and consequently lead to tragedy.

*if you already purchased (and disovered the vehicle has structural damage to the frame) and are interested in being a part of a lawsuit contact (305) 942-7010. if I do not pick up text me your full name, the vin number to the vehicle, and the date you purchased it. thanks

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