Off Lease Onlybuyers beware!!!

We purchased two vehichles less than a month ago from Off Lease Only. My husband had trouble with one of his tires after just a couple of weeks. He had to replace it with the spare that was on the truck because the proper tool was missing and he couldn't even get one from the Ford dealership. He's had the spare on there for almost a week and then today the spare tire blew out on him, completely ripping to shreds and causing pretty serious body damage to the vehicle. Thank God he is ok! Especially considering we found out the tires they put on there were 5 years older than the vehicle. Also today, I get my car back from my mechanic (who also happens to be my dad - so I know he's trustworthy) and my goodness... my brakes had less than 2mm of pad left on them!!! Yikes! And we were just about to travel through two states this weekend. I must say, Off Lease Only may have good prices, but they are not selling well inspected, quality vehicles... SHAME ON THEM!!!

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