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Be very careful/cautious before purchasing from this dealership. Yes, these are luxurious cars at fabulous prices BUT follow the old wise tale, ”if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” I purchased my vehicle from here only 3 weeks ago since then I have had it in the shop a total of 4 times!!!

When I test drove the car it was a dream, I even brought it to a mechanic just to give me the additional thumbs-up before I purchased it. Plus, the CarFax report was clean, everything looked great! All was well and I thought I made out with a great car for a great deal. Sounds great, huh? Nope, think again! Not even 24 hours after I had the vehicle 4 lights on the dash came on…I brought it to the actual dealership (not Off Lease Only, but the actual manufacture) I figured they should know the car better than anyone. Come to find out, a few cords were disconnected causing the ABS to be turned off, when the mechanic connected them the ABS it started making loud noises, getting jammed, etc. – come to find out, the ABS activator ($2, 700) was destroyed. Also, 1 engine mount needed to be replaced ($370) as well as some other minor things like a few belts ($160), AC Filter ($35) and not to mention a nail in the tire ($20). I brought it to 3 other mechanics that all recommended the same repairs. Also, 1 mechanic noticed that the cars vin # didn’t even match the hood, he said that my car had to have been in an accident, which means it was hidden on the CarFax.

I called Off Lease Only shortly after finding out all of these issues and spoke with my sales representative. He advised me they wouldn’t pay for any of the repairs but I could trade my car into them but he warned me they wouldn’t buy it back from me for nearly the same price. They offered no help/assistance even after they knowingly sold me a defected vehicle with all of these issues - they got their money and that’s all that matters to them, the customer is the last of their worries.

On that note, I work extremely hard for the things I have in my life and this entire experience has had me and my family’s world turned completely upside down. Getting a car is supposed to be a great, exciting thing…I haven’t even made my 1st car payment and I’ve already had to pay $3, 285 out of pocket just to have a decent, running vehicle. Be very careful, even though I don’t know you, I am hoping my story can help you - I would NOT recommend buying from here!

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  • Hi
      24th of Sep, 2009

    I just watched them today buy bad car fax cars in West Palm Beach.

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  • Le
      27th of Oct, 2009

    Do you mean the auction in WPB?

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  • Gr
      14th of May, 2010

    I am on my third vehicle from Off Lease Only and have never had a problem. I love that place and the management has always gone above and beyond for me. In fact, I have turned many of my friends onto them and they all were ecstatic!
    Sorry to hear about your situation, but i do believe that if you contacted the owner or the new GM they would have wanted to help you. Sometimes sales people don't want to deal with the hassle.

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  • Gr
      14th of May, 2010

    I don't believe they would do that. They have too much riding on their reputation. I have bought 3 amazing cars since 2001 from them.

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  • Ga
      1st of Jun, 2010

    Thanks for your coments I emailed them a fair price on a truck and they said they don't deal .. there price is firm. Told them to keep it .Local dealer auction great deal glad I read your problemThanks, , local Daytona

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  • Ch
      30th of Jun, 2010

    I bought a car from them about 2 years ago, and come to find out my car was severely wrecked and sold at auction as a chassis damaged vehicle and worth a third of what I paid for it. I took it back to the dealer and they just shrugged it off, WORST DEALER EVER!!


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  • Mk
      24th of Aug, 2011

    im pretty sure the first post on here is some douche that works there. horrible place with a ### staff. got a car 2 years ago that wasnt a bad situation carfax said service was up to date but really didnt and need 1, 000$ worth of service. came into today with 20, 000 cash in my pocket and was treated like a ### from some fat texas ### [censored]. went south to gateway to carmax. best decision ever bought a car on the spot there. what ever happend to customer service, im a telemarketer and i give more of an effort for service then these [censored] heads. carmax all the way

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  • Mk
      24th of Aug, 2011

    also the guy with the first post had only posted on complaints against offlease only which its pretty much proof he works for them

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  • Jc
      18th of Oct, 2011

    On 07-29-11 I traded a 2003 Ford Escape for a 2008 Mazda Tribute. After several days I took the car for repairs. The Dealer agreed to pay for half of the work done. After the first payment was made, the vehicle was taken to a Mazda Dealer for a quote on several issues. (Interior lighting, knocking noise on the right front and humming noise)The estimate was for almost $700.00 and the extended warranty I had purchased did not cover any of the repairs. While at the Mazda Dealer I asked if the front lights could be adjusted; that is when I was told that the car had been involved in a major car accident, and that the front end was severely damaged. I took the car to Tire's Plus for a second opinion and I was told the same thing. That same day I decided to text the general manager at the place where I had originally purchased the car and informed him I was going to report this to the BBB, FCA and contact an attorney. A few minutes later I received a phone call and agreed to meet again the next day. They offered to buy the car back from me and put me on another car, (of similar value) out of courtesy. The next day, (09-11-11) I showed up, spent about three hrs and left with another car. (2009 Nissan Altima) Recently, I learned that the previous vehicle, (2008 Mazda Tribute) has not been paid off, and the extended warranty has not been canceled, (as requested) and the car I am currently driving is not being financed by the company, (or any other company) listed on my contract.
    Two weeks ago I received a phone call from one of the managers asking for $2, 100.00 down, (something that we did not discuss during the signing of the contract) and today, (10-14-11) I received yet another call from one of the financing reps asking for $3, 000.00 down in order to finalize the deal, which is now 1+ month old. I told him that If I did not have $2, 100.00 two weeks ago, much less I was going to have $3, 000.00 now.
    Today, 10-17-11 I received another phone call from the same finance person, this time providing me with three options:
    1- Come up with $2, 500.00 and lower the payments
    2- No money down, but payments will increase
    3- Or take the car back and take the Mazda Tribute that they obviously were not able to sell.
    I opted for option three. A broken down car that will cost me an additional $700 to repair, because the car I originally traded in is long gone.
    Is this legal? Can dealers do this and get away with it?

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  • Si
      23rd of Oct, 2012

    I'm wondering why the original mechanic during the test drive didnt see the problems, especially cords disconnected and how are things hidden on a carfax report? If they are hidden here, cant they be hidden at any dealership? Guess I wont trust any carfax now.

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  • Ma
      10th of Feb, 2017

    @simonjester same thing i was thinking.

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  • Tp
      26th of Oct, 2012

    If anyone has been affected by carfax's reports by stating a wrecked vehicle after you were sold a "Clean vehicle" by the dealership. I would like to talk to you. I am dealing with an issue where the car i bought had a clean carfax in 2010 then this year i go to sell it and there is now "structural damage" reported on the carfax. Please contact me if you have dealt with anything similar to this.

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  • St
      27th of Dec, 2013

    This is for Tpainter, I had a ram air TA that was damaged from the doors back with frame damage the car was rear ended the car had $18, 000 in damage the insurance would not total the car because it did not exceed the value ETC. The insurance company and the dealer should have reported the car as almost a total loss but did not. I took car to CarMax and they ran a carfax report and guess what NO report of damage or anything on title or history of car. Clean everything. Just goes to show Don't believe the Carfax reports

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  • Ma
      24th of Jul, 2014

    I bought a 16 month old car at Off Lease and it's been a good vehicle. The Car Fax did state the car had been in a minor accident but had the details so I bought it. I did purchase the extended warranty and I'm glad I did, the ECM went out which is a $2, 000 repair but my end was only the $100 deductible and my locale Chrysler dealer did the work. So far so good, I've put 18, 000 miles on it and no other issues. Maybe I just got lucky but I'm satisfied.

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  • El
      7th of Jun, 2015

    be aware they will sell you waranties that you not aware off and you cant cancell them it cost me more than other places and the car its ben in acsident

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  • Sh
      3rd of Jan, 2016

    Same thing happened to me don't ever ever buy anything from off lease only got ripped off so bad with a clean car fax !!! yeah right 6 months later lost 4000 dollars

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  • Ph
      4th of Jan, 2017

    I've purchased 4 cars from them with never a problem. Just to be clear, it's a USED car lot and unlike most USED car lots they give you many opportunities check the car out. From test drives to open invitations to have your own mechanic check out the car before you buy. Anything over 35K miles and I always have a mechanic check it out. You can post on craigslist and find a dealer mechanic who will go with you on his day off and check out 2-3 cars for $100. Don't be stupid.

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  • Cr
      19th of Apr, 2017

    I love this place. I bought my very first car from them, and it's a fantastic Sedan that came to me a few thousand below market value. And my salesperson was off the chain informative. He wasn't pushing anything on me, but just letting me know the "in's and out's" of what I need to be aware of on any vehicle. This complaint is bogus though. Off Lease Only tells you right up front to have it checked out, and they DO disclose an accident even if it hasn't been reported. They do business in a very modern way, and there is no haggling. That's why their salepeople are not pushy stereotypical car salesmen. This place is unlike any dealership I could imagine and I bet it's annoying to them to have to deal with stupid people that are buying a car at a significant discount!

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  • Th
      2nd of Oct, 2017

    The truth about “previous accident” vehicles at offleaseonly
    If you are even thinking about purchasing a vehicle at any of the offleaseonly, inc., dealerships in florida, (miami, orlando, or west palm beach) it is in your interest to pay close attention to the following facts:
    Approximately eighty percent (80%) of the vehicles offleaseonly sells have been involved in a very serious accident and have structural damage to the frame and/or unibody. whenever carfax knows that a vehicle has sustained structural damage to the frame, it warns customers using their service that "structural damage may impact vehicle safety and reliability.  get the unibody or the frame of the vehicle inspected by a professional"; therefore,
    Make sure you ask for the autocheck report on every vehicle
    Offleaseonly, inc., is fully aware that every vehicle that is listed on their webpage as a "previous accident" vehicle was in a very serious accident and sustained structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, because when they purchase the vehicles the auction provides them with auction reports (based upon physical inspections by trained professional appraisers) that describe in detail the damage to the vehicle, where the damage was, and how it was repaired. the auction reports are then entered into a data base called "autocheck". *if you are still thinking of purchasing a vehicle that has sustained structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, I strongly urge you to take it to a mechanic with a copy of the auction report so the mechanic will know what to look for. do not undermine your family’s safety; therefore, ­
    Make sure you ask for the autocheck report on every vehicle
    Vehicles that have sustained structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, have drastically depreciated in actual market value. these vehicles get reclassified as “inferior vehicles” because of the degree of damage caused by the accidents. translation: you buy a structurally damaged vehicle today for $20, 000, and if in three (3) days you want to sell it, you will be lucky if a dealership offers you $11, 000. * if you are still thinking of purchasing one of these vehicles, I strongly urge you to take it to any dealership during your test drive and ask them to appraise it as if you were outright selling it to them, they will verify for you that the vehicle has structural damage to the frame and offer you maybe half (1/2) what you paid for it; therefore,
    Make sure you ask for the autocheck report on every vehicle
    After you verify that the information I have provided you is the absolute truth, then share it on social media everywhere: facebook, yelp, dealerrater, bbb, twitter, edmunds, instagram, etc…. don’t let your family or friends get fooled into overpaying for an inferior vehicle that has sustain structural damage to the frame and/or unibody, that may ultimately be unsafe to drive and consequently lead to tragedy.

    *if you already purchased (and disovered the vehicle has structural damage to the frame) and are interested in being a part of a lawsuit contact (305) 942-7010. if I do not pick up text me your full name, the vin number to the vehicle, and the date you purchased it. thanks

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  • Tr
      14th of Nov, 2017

    As someone from Michigan just looking into off lease only just wanted to ask one question.

    You all admit that you got a great deal and acknowledge that off lease only did not do any mechanical inspection and did disclosed any info that they are legally required to disclose and gave you a car fax on top of that, gave you a great deal where you saved thousands(getting what you paid for) and now are upset that you had to do some mechanical work knowing that off lease only did not do any mechanical work? I dont really understand what you are all upset about..

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  • Sa
      11th of Feb, 2018

    report them to the consumer affairs consult a lawyer you should not have had invested any money in the car

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  • Dr
      30th of Apr, 2018

    What kind of car and what year? When you buy any car over four years old and out of warranty you are taking a chance. Most used cars are bought at auctions and that's where the professionals sell their problems. Hopefully you can contact the previous owner but due to privacy most dealers can't supply that information. Carfax isn't worth 2 cents if a pro wants to hide anything and many companies are self insured so Carfax has no access to damage information. I bought a one year old rental Cadillac that had been repaired and I knew it but Carfax didn't. I put 90K miles on it and never had one problem. Be careful.

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  • Jo
      27th of Apr, 2019
    Off Lease Only - Order
    United States

    I was trying for 2 weeks get in touch with them and sent emails etc. And finally when I get in touch with them they run my credit etc for a car who doesnt exists. Why they confirm the availability and even more run my credit and then they told me that they Mercedes was gone few weeks ago how that can happen an even more run a credit

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