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I hired an Odesk contractor in Pakistan. Well i got suckered into paying $1500 upfront to get this done. During the work, the contractor started to clone a competitor's site so I ended the contract immediately. This being said he contractor talked about how he was an expert cloner in chat transcripts. Well now I am stuck with a $1500 charge on my credit card. Odesk will answer your e-mails but that's about it. I am legally trying to get my money back and going through the BBB at the moment but do plan on contacting a lawyer after. The Odesk upfront payment system is flawed! And they won't implement an escrow service like does!! I am so livid right now. If you know of someone who has been affected like me please contact me at [protected] so we can all go after this scam system.

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  • Co
      22nd of Mar, 2011

    When you pay upfront, you should be surprised to get anything done on oDesk. Another sad oDesk story is at:

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  • Ma
      21st of Apr, 2011

    I am a freelance artist who does graphics, web development and 3d art. I WAS is the gaming industry for over 13 years. I hate to rub salt in the wound but...what's wrong with hiring an artist in the U.S.?? I live in the great state of Texas btw. I have wasted my time on Odesk, never got a single bite because of the big companies from Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. I am not trying to sound like a bigget, but I resent these companies swarming into a "freelance" environment. They are taking away majority of the potential business that independent contractors who have been hit hard by the economy, like myself, could get . Haven't we learned what outsourcing does to a GDP yet? Guess it won't really sink in until our country is asking for a bailout from China. I NEVER ask for the amount up front. I ask for half just to know I am not wasting my time. I communicate clearly with the clients needs and provide a very accurate finished product. Odesk also likes to place too much emphasis on their proficiency tests. Sighting an example: Hard to impress potential clients on a test based on Photoshop cs3 when Photoshop cs5 is what all good artists work on now. I could go on and on but I will spare you. It's just really upsetting.

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  • Ou
      23rd of Jun, 2011

    I know this is slightly off topic but you must know - Elance abuses your Privacy!
    I have just been informed by a 3rd party that elance released my transaction history! This 3rd party (that disclosed he was a 3rd party) approached elance, he is is not a registered user of elacne, there was no subpoena, no warrant and no request from any law enforcement agency but this 3rd party was able to send several well crated emails to elance inquiring about my account, acting as a 3rd party and was able to get access to my transactional history.

    Be warned - elance they do NOT protect your privacy.

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  • Da
      6th of Jun, 2012

    I do not agree with Odesk being a fraud. I work on Odesk as a freelancer and never ever in my 3 years I have taken someones money. You need to look for good providers.
    As a response to Machine1376 - I do not hide behind a Pseudonym and I can say this clearly - they don't hire locally because they don't want to pay local prices. In 99% of the time buyers on Odesk are middle mans and pay very low the providers and they sell very high in US. This is the biggest problem, the buyers are just cheap.

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  • Am
      16th of Jul, 2012

    It's actually not Elance who's scam, it's their platform that is allowing scammers to think of ways to take advantage of their clients or bosses. This is basically the reason I resorted to other companies like - I recently hired a developer and was amazed by how how I was treated by the recruitment team. They took care of the hiring process for me and now serves as the bridge between me and my contractor. They made my life easier.

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