Ocean Basket / We were not happy with the calamari tubes

Pay day and we are thinking what are we going to spoil ourself with. We all decided that we should have a treat and we decided to buy ocean basket which we normaly do every month even the staff knows that. Mike and Gibson thank you for the friendly service you always provide when you take orders you guys do it perfectly and keep it up but as for the the person who does the grilling i have no words for them.

We ordered Three platters for one and one taw prawn prince 12. All was perfect and tasty but we were not happy with the calamari tubes, they were burnt very crispy and quite overdone and did not taste good at all. We ate but eating something that you dont enjoy beleive you me even your face changes until the last bite. It was not a very good experience and i trust that this will not happen in future as you know that times are tough and R85.00 is a lot for just lunch.

I still have the receipt as well just in case. All in all the cubes just spoiled everything.


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