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Nowland Pomeranians / Bad Dog Breeder

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We decided to get a Pomeranian puppy from Kim Nowland after my mother's dog died of cancer 2 weeks ago. When I first called Kim I asked her the price of the puppy and she said well how much do you want to spend? I told he I paid $850 for mine and she said $800 without papers.

As it started getting closer to time to get her we found out that she had never been to the vet. She said 'I'm not going to spend $30 for a shot when I can spend $3 and do it myself" We asked the dogs weight and she said she really didn't know. I later found out you have to know the exact weight to give a dog shots and deworm it so we thought something was up right there. At 7 weeks my Mom asked her how many shots she had and she replied none. After talking to other breeders we found out that she should of had a set of shots already.

When we asked about overbite and underbite she said "Who cares it is just a pet"

I found out also from several other breeders that akc rules state every litter is to be registered & every puppy goes with registration papers.

When we found this out and asked her she said at it would be $1800 to just get a registration.

I got my Champion Sired Pom for $850 with full breeding rights.

She said she wouldn't drive the puppy to us also without fulling paying her first. She lived a few hours away. My mom was going to pay extra money to have her delivered and she wouldn't bring her until she was fully paid first.

Since the puppy did not have a vet report and this breeder would say one thing one minute then the opposite the other we decided to question her more.

This is the exact letter that was sent to her:

----Original Message-----
From: >
To: nowla3 <[protected]>
Sent: Mon, Apr 16, 2012 3:49 pm
Subject: (no subject)

I want vet check becauseonly a vet can tell stuff like open fontella & other things that can make any dog need special care. I also want fecal test. Also I found out that I can still get papers but you can put limited registeration on it that is usually what breeders do with dogs they are selling that are AKC but dont want dogs bred. Otherwise a person buying a puppy would have no idea what kind of pup they are getting.

Thank you

and here is her exact reply:

From: [protected]
Sent: 4/16/2012 6:11:56 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: (no subject)

Sorry she died.

Kimberly Nowland

Then even after receiving this message she emailed my Mom AGAIN and told her that the dog was going to be $800 for a Pet without papers but if we had wanted papers she would be $1800. THEN she said" I GUESS NEITHER ONE OF US HAS TO WORRY ABOUT THAT NOW"

After this we wrote her back asking when she would tell us and that we were being scammed.

So then I get this message from her:

I hear your talking ###. Watch what you say. I have no reason to sue you at this time but you [censored] with my business I will have a lawyer so far down your throat you will choke to death. I am not selling the girl without papers. That is all there is to it. I told you that from day one. No reason to get pissed about it. OK. I certainly could not care any less. She does not need to go anywhere. If I register her I have a dozen homes to place her at. I just thought your moms story was a sad one and the sister has a bad bite so she this litter is not what I would consider an AKC quality litter and I will by no means be registering a pet litter out of a pet ###. So the deal is dead. Dead dead dead. K Never Mind Sold her LOL


All we wanted was a female Pomeranian for PET only and spayed. We have no desire to breed her yet we wanted a dog with good lines and a good history of health.

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  • Ki
      27th of Jun, 2012

    This person is not the kind of person I am willing to sell to. I refused to sell her a baby and the rest is her cry baby act. Yes she paid 850 or so for a girl but she is 8 1/2 to 9 lbs. The puppy was for her mother who's dog was put down for having cancer. It did not die. It was cheaper to replace it than treat it. The lady is also allergic to dogs. So my ruling is as I said. NO DEAL. So try to discredit me all you want. I will not be bullied into selling you one of my loved babies. This girl was not being sold with breeding rights because she was only going to be 3 to 3 1/2 lbs. I have the right to refuse to sell a baby into a bad situation. Period.
    Kimberly Nowland

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  • Ki
      27th of Jun, 2012

    Please note all the rest of that stuff I know nothing about. Just someone being childish because I would not sell them a dog. All babies have to be vet checked. Papers do not make a dog a full bred. Quality breeders do. I only have one male and I only have one breed. This person knows little to nothing about AKC or about dogs. I have to say I certainly made the right decision on that one. (:

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  • Ti
      28th of Jun, 2012

    Actually we told you right away that our dog had to be put down because the cancer could not be cured. The Vet even said she didn't have long to live and that she was in a lot of pain, so the best thing was to put her down. My mom cried and cried for days and is still upset over it, so how dare you say she did it because she didn't want to pay for it. We had also told you that we paid a lot for the dog in the first place AND also had paid to get both of her knees replaced. So if you thought this about us then you would of not even went forward with planning on selling us the dog. We had this deal going for a few WEEKS and talking most days so you knew from the beginning about my mom's dog. You told my Mom YOU wanted HER to have the dog after hearing everything. So don't try to act like she had anything to do with it now. Another thing I should of known was strange is when I FIRST talked to you and showed you My Dog I asked you how much the dog you were selling was and you then asked me "Well how much did you pay for yours?" What kind of deal is that?

    My dog is not no where near that weight, she is 6.6lbs because she is fat LOL not because of her overall size. Funny how you liked my dog so much until this happened. My Dog has much better lines than your dogs do. Her father is Ch Three Sons the Family Guy. Along with Grandparents BIS BISS Ch. Valcopy Wakhan Valentino, ROMX, ROMX HOF BIS/BISS AM Ch Finch's He Walks on Water . Other lines include Jan-Shar, Lil Darlins, Chrisendo, Sungold, and many others. So nice pathetic try on insulting my dog.

    My mom never said she was allergic to dogs so I do not know where you keep getting that. She said if there is a lot of fur all over it bothers her. She told you she wanted a pom now because after I bought a pom and she had her every day while I am working that she seen that if the dog is brushed it is fine. I told you this and again you had no problem selling us the dog. We did not want breeding rights, but you did not even register the Litter with AKC which is not right. You told us she is AKC but we wouldn't get papers, but you didn't register her with AKC to begin with.

    After we talked to other breeders we know we told them we weren't going to get papers because you don't want the puppy bred. They told us we could still get papers but they are limited. This is email my sent you and she saved all emails...(I want vet check because only a vet can tell stuff like open fontella & other things that can make any dog need special care. I also want fecal test. Also I found out that I can still get papers but you can put limited registeration on it that is usually what breeders do with dogs they are selling that are AKC but dont want dogs bred. Otherwise a person buying a puppy would have no idea what kind of pup they are getting.)... after sending you the email A FEW MINUTES later you sent my mom back a letter saying ..."She died" We had to laugh after we posted this complaint you went in and changed your site it now says they that all pups will have check ups so you even know we were right in wanting check up.
    You didn't know the dog's weight at any point you said you needed new scale and even forgot her age a few times. We talked for a few weeks and at no time did you have problem with us having puppy. Whenever we asked a question you came back only talking about Money. I have since had two different people contact me and tell me that they got dogs from you that developed Black Skin Disease. We have a much better Pom now and one from a Breeder that no one has bad things to say about. I have email proof of everything I have said and posted. You wrote a letter to my mom after I posted this and said "###" WOW you are real professional aren't you.

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  • Ki
      4th of Aug, 2012

    No matter the lies you keep posting I will never sell you a dog. You put your dog down. You said it and I did not make it up. Your mom is the one who said she is allergic to dogs. I did not make it up. I would not change things on my site to suit you. I change them because obviously you are putting out lies and I need to clarify it. The deal died. The puppy went to a good home the next day with a young lady who wanted her and was way more qualified to take care of a tiny. Your mom told me the weight of your dog so are you calling her a liar. It does not matter. I still find you unqualified to own one of my dogs. I have that right and responsibility to my dogs. So write your long winded letters it is what it is. Grow up. As for the "C" word. You are earning that now aren't you. I think you blew the deal for your mom. I think you hurt her and are trying to make it up by lashing out at me. Get over it. Everyone does not have to like you.

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  • Ti
      23rd of Aug, 2012

    Once again I have the email proof and you have nothing. Believe me I would not want one of your dogs, especially after hearing all the complaints of Blackskin disease and your unprofessionalism. My mom never told you my dog's weight I did. How can you remember my dog's weight when you can't even remember your own dog's weight or their date of birth? Both of which you didn't know. A breeder without a working scale? I never heard of such a thing. Once again my mom never said she was allergic. Also when you told us that the puppy was "mad" because you took her out of her crate and she wasn't use to that, we knew you were a crate breeder. No thanks. We are glad we seen your true colors before getting a puppy from you.
    Plus the rude emails and arguing with your husband on the phone while on with my Mom? All very strange and red flags to not buy from you.

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  • Tj
      11th of Feb, 2013

    Just one more comment - black skin disease is a huge source of frustration for all pom breeders. There is currently no genetic testing that is available to predict it. It is a virtual crap shoot every time a breeding is done. The best a breeder can do is to research the dogs behind the mother and father, hope all the information they have been given is the truth (as to whether there has ever been any BSD back in previous generations). Even if there has been no evidence of BSD is previous generations, they still need to pray they do not have two perfectly normal looking parents who end up to be carrying the gene for BSD. No buyer should judge a breeder on whether they have ever produced a dog with black skin disease.

    The national club helps to fund research by various veterinary schools at the present time, but right now, there are NO tests a breeder can do to prevent breeding a puppy who has it. The only good thing about BSD is that the affected dogs are usually perfectly healthy in all other aspects, they just have less hair and need to wear sweaters !

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  • Be
      29th of Jan, 2016

    Good grief. One is an illiterate, spell check challenged buyer who just wants to get a cheap deal and conceivably breed substandard Poms (why else the "breeding rights"), and the other is an irritated seller who thought this was going to be a quick transaction disposing of a runt. Yes, $1800 sounds about right - and for that, some scrupulous Pom breeders will not even permit full registration. Anyone who spends $850 is not getting an AKC breed standard Pom. Sum total - you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

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