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We decided to get a Pomeranian puppy from Kim Nowland after my mother's dog died of cancer 2 weeks ago. When I first called Kim I asked her the price of the puppy and she say well how much do you want to spend? I told he I paid $850 for mine and she said $800 without papers.

As it started getting closer to time to get her we found out that she had never been to the vet. She said 'I'm not going to spend $30 for a shot when I can spend $3 and do it myself" We asked the dogs weight and she said she really didn't know. I later found out you have to know the exact weight to give a dog shots and deworm it so we thought something was up right there. At 7 weeks my Mom asked her how many shots she had and she replied none. After talking to other breeders we found out that she should of had a set of shots already.

When we asked about overbite and underbite she said "Who cares it is just a pet"

I found out also from several other breeders that akc rules state every litter is to be registered & every puppy goes with registration papers.

When we found this out and asked her she said at it would be $1800 to just get a registration.

I got my Champion Sired Pom for $850 with full breeding rights.

She said she wouldn't drive the puppy to us also without fulling paying her first. She lived a few hours away. My mom was going to pay extra money to have her delivered and she wouldn't bring her until she was fully paid first.

Since the puppy did not have a vet report and this breeder would say one thing one minute then the opposite the other we decided to question her more.

This is the exact letter that was sent to her:

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I want vet check becauseonly a vet can tell stuff like open fontella & other things that can make any dog need special care. I also want fecal test. Also I found out that I can still get papers but you can put limited registeration on it that is usually what breeders do with dogs they are selling that are AKC but dont want dogs bred. Otherwise a person buying a puppy would have no idea what kind of pup they are getting.

Thank you

and here is her exact reply:

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Sorry she died.

Kimberly Nowland

After this we wrote her back asking when she would tell us and that we were being scammed.

So then I get this message from her:

I hear your talking ###. Watch what you say. I have no reason to sue you at this time but you [censored] with my business I will have a lawyer so far down your throat you will choke to death. I am not selling the girl without papers. That is all there is to it. I told you that from day one. No reason to get pissed about it. OK. I certainly could not care any less. She does not need to go anywhere. If I register her I have a dozen homes to place her at. I just thought your moms story was a sad one and the sister has a bad bite so she this litter is not what I would consider an AKC quality litter and I will by no means be registering a pet litter out of a pet ###. So the deal is dead. Dead dead dead. K Never Mind Sold her LOL


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  • Ti
    TinkerPom Apr 22, 2012
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    Well you are more than welcome to comment and I will respond. She has a business so everyone can just go to her website and see her email address with their own eyes. If her email address was not posted on her site then I would not of listed it. She has continued to contact us and nasty emails. One she sent simply just said "###" Wow real classy.

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  • Co
    Concerned Party 156 Jun 06, 2012

    Congratulations Kim for not selling these people that puppy.People THINK they can push you in a corner and that you will do what they want, even if it is not in the best interest of the puppy. YOUR LOSS AS SHE HAS BEAUTIFUL DOGS. EVERY BREEDER has the right to stop a sale if they deem it not in the best interest for themselves or the puppy. BREEDERS deal with this every day, yet you are trying to ruin her reputation with a negative report, SHAME ON YOU!!! That is all I have to say. Don't worry about this report or any others that may be posted, anyone that has half a brain can see where the problem is. !

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  • Tj
    TJ Sheltie Feb 11, 2013

    Not well handled by the breeder. I would have explained my position on shots and worming and then gone from there. I don't always take a litter to the vet, but that is usually because of my own inability to bet there (and we are not required to by law in my state, unlike some other states). I do give a health guarantee also that states if a vet finds anything wrong, then I will take the pup back or make amends of some sort. I do agree with the breeder on some things, why waste money on a vet visit for the vet to take 5 minutes to barely check over each puppy and to give it shots - I have a stethescope and listen to each one, I have a thermometer and can check temps, and I know what "normal" is supposed to look like. I also can do float tests for fecal parasites at home and I know how to give shots. Been doing all this for over 30 years, probably much longer than some of the younger vets!

    There are varied opinions about shots and it sounds like the buyer talked to some breeders who do "what has always been done" and give 3 or 4 sets of shots by the time a pup is 8 weeks old. The current proven regimen is better for the puppies, and that is to not give shots as young as we used to and also to not give so many, as it has been proven to be damaging to their immune systems. It is perfectly reasonable for a breeder to be giving shots themselves - just ask that they give you the sticker off the vaccine vials - that is what I do and what most of the reputable breeders I know do also. That way there is proof of the shots and exactly what was given. I typically will give one shot at around 7-8 weeks and a second shot at 14-16 weeks and be done until the 1-year shot. I also don't like to let my puppies go before 10-12 weeks, but that differs with each breeder as well. Rabies I hold off as long as possible, according to state laws, the later it can be done is better for the puppy. Most vets don't like the reduced number of shots because then they don't make money. I also do not give all the "extra" shots being promoted either - Lyme, canine flu or kennel cough, among others. These just further add to compromising the immune systems, but help make money for the vets. I suggest to each new puppy owner that they do their research and decide on their own. As far as worming, I do those routinely at certain ages and most breeders do as well. They will usually be listed on a card your breeder gives you with the date and what was given. These are given according to a span of weight (poms are easier to do than bigger breeds, as they generally all fall into the same weight span as babies), so this breeder did not need to know the exact weight of the puppy to be able to worm her either.

    As far as registration goes, AKC is not fond of unregistered litters, as then they don't make any money. I can't remember not registering a litter, but with poms, sometimes you get only one puppy in a litter and if you know, as a breeder, this puppy is going to be a pet and not compete in obedience or anything else a pet can do, then it does cost a lot to register a litter of just one puppy. Normally the basic registration cost is figured into what we charge already (it can cost the breeder around $100, more or less, to register an average-sized litter). Limited registration just means that the puppy cannot be bred, but it costs the breeder the same.

    Overall, it sounds like both sides got a little testy and flew off the handle at each other. I also think that had the buyer got some better explanations, she may not have been so upset. Also, had she gotten some better information as to why we give shots at home, why it is okay, and why we give the number of shots we do now, then maybe she would not have felt she was trying to be scammed or cheated. Better communications would have helped, maybe not have resulted in the buyer getting a puppy from this breeder, but at least would maybe have resulted in the buyer not having been left with such a bad taste in her mouth!

    By the way, I do NOT know either the buyer or the breeder personally. I just happened to have read this interaction after having "googled" the breeder, and felt compelled to do some explaining, just so other people can maybe be better informed in the future before thinking someone is a horrible breeder !!

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Nowland Jul 26, 2019

    @TJ Sheltie Noone gives 3 or 4 shots by 8 weeks the pup would be dead. This was explained but everything fell on deaf ears. I told her we give the shots at home because it is safer, we deworm at home and that is based on weight of baby.
    Yes, I got mad but not until she posted a negative report that can never be taken down without paying tens of thousands to this site. I love and care for these babies. You can give a 4 week old a parvo but that is one vaccine. It does not cover the many diseases that need to be covered. At 4 weeks this puppy was the size of a newborn pomeranian. No way was I about to give her a shot that I thought could possibly put her down. I played it safe and she grew up to be a beautiful healthy adult. I did the right thing for the baby not the demanding unreasonable lying wanna be buyer. How can I scam her when I refused to even sell to her. Thank you for your evaluation. I care about these babies and there health and safety comes first. If they refuse to understand I just can't fix unreasonable people. Nor do I have a ton of time to waste on them.

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  • Su
    suzsch Jan 08, 2020

    Received a pomeranian from Kim Nowland and Nowland poms. It has been an exceptional dog!! Clear health and beautiful!!

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