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Be Dec 20, 2014 Lawrenceville Review updated:

This company mails seniors a $5.00 check stating that they can cash it and will be receiving information later about enrolling with them as a Medicare supplement. The $5.00 check BOUNCED and my bank not only deducted the $5.00 out of my account but charged me with a return check fee! Nothing but an outright SCAM preying on seniors!

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  • Be
      Feb 26, 2016

    I got one of these. I am wondering if the check is a way to get your bank information.

    Not cashing it!

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  • Ma
      May 30, 2016

    The check is not a SCAM!!! I USED TO WORK FOR NORTH AMERICAN SENIOR BENEFITS FOR OVER TWO YEARS & THE CHECK IS "GOOD"!!! If your account bounced, it wasnt over the $5.00 NASB I can promise you that!!! The co is A+ Rated with BBB & AS BEEN THE A+RATING WITH AM BEST! North American Senior Benefits Specializes in final expense life insurance programs at a state-regulated minimum. North American Senior Benefits is a multi-million dollar Imo that sends out $5 checks in the mail as a way of informing residents in the state of benefits that they can qualify for. If you cash the check or deposit it into your bank account you will agree to have an agent bring that information to you it's free!

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  • Us
      Mar 11, 2017

    @Mauri Swanson What #### ever. Quit trying to make it sound to good to be true. Your probably just a fraud like Trump.

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  • Lo
      Oct 30, 2017

    @user1645950 Haha, she may not work for them anymore, but I work for them now. It's actually a legit company that really helps seniors. There is a letter that comes with the $5 check that explains that if the check is cashed that someone will be giving them free information about the different kinds of final expense insurance and which companies are good and which ones should be avoided and why. There are lots of people out there without bank accounts, and very few final expense companies will put up with money orders or cash payments, all the good ones use secure electronic transfers so that if the client gets sick and is stuck in the hospital, the bill can be automatically paid and the insurance will stay in effect. The $5 check is just a way of telling NASB that the client has an active bank account and will have more opportunities open to them. NASB is not interested in scamming people for $5. We are an A+ rated company with the BBB.

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  • An
      Jun 10, 2018

    @LongHammer I work for them. The check is legit. Although I’m soon to advise against it because I believe we are losing more than profiting by mailing the checks, the checks are 100% real and live. North American Senior Benefits has done over $30 million in revenue since its inception in 2012. I assure you the check didn’t “bounce”. Lol

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  • Da
      Jun 07, 2019

    @user1645950 Like trump? Hahaha! You must mean like the fraud dossier from killery!

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