No No More Hair / false advertising

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Phone: 1888 525 7580

No No More Hair by Radiancy! I used it every day for three weeks, and not even a minute change in the hair. On the commercial, James Pavia uses it one time and you can see the difference, and I used it three weeks and no change!! They show a man using it on his chest and the hair comes off just like he just shaved it. I used it on the same place, legs, arms and face, for three weeks, daily, and NO change. I would run it over the same place 20-25 times, but no change! I have photos from day one to the third week and it shows NO change, after daily use for three weeks. It is FALSE advertising! I called them on the they even kept me on for 24 minutes while they looked up my records, and then hung up on me, so I had to call back! Also...they don't tell you up front but you have to keep it for 45 days before their "warranty" becomes effective! Also, I paid extra to get it faster...5-7 days...they promised they would reimburse my shipping fees, but didn't. They won't give me my money back for shipping fees...I have to pay to send it back...DON'T GET RIPPED OFF!!! DON'T ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

No No More Hair

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