Neopost / Non-Working Equipment; No Customer Service; Lied about Promised Refund

Hayward, CA Review updated:

In Summer 2008, we decided to rent a postage meter from Neopost. The meter kept deducting money from our postage account without printing a postage label. When I asked for a refund on the $16 in postage the machine ate, they ignored me. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, and Neopost ignored that too! Finally, from not getting what we paid for--a working meter and customer service--we made a request, in writing, for a refund on the remaining 10 months of service we prepaid. Neopost told me, in writing, that they agreed to the refund. They even sent a return shipping label. However, once they received the meter back, they claimed they did not agree to a refund and refused to process the refund. Now we are without the meter and our money!

This is a fraudulent company. Do not do business with them! I am going to post complaints about this scam all over consumer protection sites to warn other consumers. Is anyone interested in a class action suit?

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  • Ro
      Apr 29, 2010

    Neopst are just about churning accounts and dont give a dam about their customers..

    DONT USE NEOPOST!!! They will bleed you dry use PPI or stamps its cheaper without the tie of a 6 year contract

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  • An
      Dec 03, 2010

    Our Neopost IJ25 has a connection error whilst trying to recredit. We have checked the line connection and all works correctly. We understand this error is an internal machine generated fault and subsequent error messaget. Apparently the machine is working how it is supposed to and it is not a fault. There is nothing in the user guide to document this correct working and how to reset it. I am being blackmaiiled into setting up a service contract for technical assistance because the machine is working correctly. This is unethical if not illegal. I believe watchdog may be interested even if they are not!

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  • I0
      Apr 08, 2011

    Enter the contract and remove parts.

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  • I0
      Apr 08, 2011

    Get contact with dealer.

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  • Do
      Jun 13, 2012

    We, too, couldn't wait until our lease ended. WARNING: Keep every piece of paper regarding your installation date. Despite having a signed and dated lease with a March 2009 date for a 39 month lease, despite having the delivery paperwork with a March 2009 date, despite having the postage meter installation paperwork with a March 2009 date, despite sending a letter notifying them we would be termining the lease, Neopost is now, 39 months later, claiming that our lease doesn't end in June, but rather in August! Our local location gave me an 800 number to call to talk to the lease company, but the unending layers of telephone prompts doesn't lead directly to them. After the repeated pushing of 0 well into the menu, I finally reached a live person (not with the lease company), who told me someone with the lease company would be getting back to me in 30 (or 60 or 90) days regarding terminating the lease. When I asked for the number of the lease company, I was told that they DON'T HAVE A PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS. My next question to the individual was how did they manage to talk to them. Here's how they work: 1) You have a rep until you purchase their equipment, then the rep is pulled from your account and you're at the mercy of an 800 number, 2) You get another rep until you decide not to continue with their equipment, then the rep is pulled again, 3) The lease ends a couple of months later that it really does, because they hope you'll be so glad to be rid of them that you'll pay the extra months' money rather that continue to fight with them. By the way, remember that we got Neopost equipment in March of 2009? In September-October of 2011, Neopost began a campaign to switch us to their equipment from PB!!!

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  • Ne
      Jul 10, 2013

    I recently reviewed the Neopost annual charges, realizing that without are knowledge, they have switched our annual rental rate of a IJ-25 from 230.00 to a whopping 613.00!! When I called, the billing lady laughed, and said "wow, I can't believe your paying that". When I asked for a manager, I was told none are available by the "retention" salesman. Apparantly, when are 3 year initial contract ended in 2010, they started charging 3 x the rate. They said this was disclosed in the "Terms and Conditions" page...only thing is that they never gave any terms and conditions with the contract...they referred my to a webpage to read them. Add on to this the ridiculous 69.00 annual charge for updates, and the annual 160.00 for a single print cartridge, and you have the makings of a real scam. Stay away!

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  • He
      Apr 13, 2016

    A technician came to see my folding machine, but I saw him plugging something in my postage machine: machine stopped work for three month, and nobody cares.

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  • Sa
      Aug 20, 2018
    Neopost - neopost postage meter
    United States

    terrible long waiting list for customer service for the Neopost postage meter

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