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After being contacted by NCO Financial Systems about a PayPal bill that I am disputing with Northwest Airlines, I will NOT ever give any money to them. I have NEVER before had anyone be so rude, insulting and just generally unprofessional to me. I am really disappointed in Paypal for using this company. And it's not just one person -- I asked to speak to the supervisor, and he was the same. I asked to speak to his boss, and he was also awful. Unbelievable.

I was told the bill was for "something" I bought on eBay. I said no, I used Paypal to pay for airline tickets, and then my flights were cancelled. She said, well if you're just going to lie there's no point in talking to you.


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  • Dr
      Sep 09, 2008

    You need to contact your state's attorney general's office. Bill collectors and telemarketers have legal guidelines they must follow. In most states, they are NOT allow to harass you like this. I work in collections and sales, as well, and I am NEVER allowed to be abusive to a customer, because 1. I'd be fired, and 2. my state forbids us from being loud or abusive to people we're calling (unfortunately for us, the law is not reciprocal). If we get someone who IS being abusive, threatening, deliberately hurting us (our ears), or simply wants someone to yell at, and is not interested in resolving an issue, we are instructed to simply hang up with them--preferably letting them know why (if that's even possible) before we do so.

    NCO may be in a state with few consumer protections, or may simply be badly run. These people often work on commission and/or have quotas to fulfill to keep their jobs, and the pressure of the economy may be driving management to take an (unnecessarily) aggressive stance towards debtors.

    Definately contact your state's attorney general, That's your best bet. These people were way out of line, and may have even broken a state law--tho I cannot say for certain, of course.

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