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Yes, I am feeling a little unsafe for my mother and wondering what to do. She gave all of her information to a company named Nationwide Debt Reduction Services LLC. She spoke with a Lionel. I called to make sure her information was shredded. They answer the phone like it's Nationwide insurance very deceptive, and he sounded like a high school dropout. The background sounded like a boiler room with people using profanity and laughing uncontrollably. To add insult to injury others screaming let's get take this money y'all. I was mortified. I can't trust that nothing will be done with her data. She said she was desperate for help in fact her bank just turned her down, so she was emotional and not wanting to be a burden.

He told her they were triple A rated with the BBB and he wouldn't jeopardize his job to steal her information. I told her there was no such thing and in the future anyone bringing up jail and theft should make her pause. She gave them her social, date of birth, credit card numbers, balances, occupation, banking information, even mother's maiden name. They know even when her retirement check hits her account.
After the contract came in the mail, I took it and the misleading and seemingly fraudulent advertisement she received from them and I did some investigating and my fears were confirmed. First of all, she was mailed a 15-page confusing and misleading contract from McKinney TX. That address belongs to a credit repair company with an F rating. She was instructed to mail it to another address in Plano TX which is another settlement company called Nationwide Debt Direct with a D rating on the BBB. She was assured they were based out of North Carolina and when I went to their website, that address is in North Carolina and comes up with bad reviews but with an A rating on the BBB. But the telephone number on her phone is Texas and belongs to Nationwide Debt Direct. I also looked up the representative on Google. He is a felon convicted of and served prison time for financial fraud. All of the companies are owned by the same man. How can all of your businesses have horrible ratings and even worse reviews?

How many elderly don't have a family member to step in? We've changed all of her information that we could, but is that enough? They still have her social, date of birth, mothers maiden name, address and phone. I called the employee on his cell phone provided because the work number no one answers. He claims her no longer works their? But he had access to her information? Can we sue them? What authorities do we report them too? What legitimate financial company has all of these addresses, sounds like "yard time" in a jailhouse, and hires felons?

Feb 08, 2018

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  •   Feb 13, 2018

    The mailers are a fraudulent and threatening. They should be stopped. They seem to prey on those unaware. The credit card reform act. Really they are basing the mail on a 10 year old Act that has nothing to do with their services? I'm glad you stood up for your mother. I'm in NC and getting mail here and you are correct, the address on their website is one of those mail stops with "packages starting at $99 per month" to use the address. When I called to be taken off the mailing list and calling list, my representative had children in the background!

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  • Su
      May 12, 2018

    @jsmithupset I received two letters from these scammers. I’m not in debt, don’t need any kind of debt consolidation or counseling, and have no idea how or why they got my mailing information. Needless to say, I’m not responding to their very misleading letters. They obviously are some type of debt collection company with highly questionable ethics.

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