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Nationstar Mortgage / mortgage

1 350 Highland Drive, Lewisville, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-725-2432

This company is the biggest pain in the butt I have ever dealt with. They hound me every month for their money since the day I signed for the loan a couple of years ago. I have paid my mortgage every month - more than I owe them, but the minute it goes over the due date, whether it is in the mail or processing through the bank they start calling, unmercifully. Now, I have gotten a letter of default in the mail for $1778.03, because my last payment was late and the next one is "almost" due - they have no sympathy for what the people of this country are going through. There is approximately $600 in legal fees added into that amount - all because I got behind one month, for the first time ever.

Talking to the people who work there is like talking to robots...because their company is falling apart, they will make your life miserable as well.

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  • Bj
      28th of Sep, 2008

    I agree! We are in foreclosure and people still call asking when are we going to make a payment. They are so stupid!! They have no clue what the right hand is doing from the left. We have been served forclosure papers and they still think we are going to pay!!!


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  • Lz
      30th of Sep, 2008

    i am another one of those people owing more than my home is worth w ith bad credit to boot and NO ONE WILLING TO HELP. i do not know what to do. when i talked to a loan officer at nationstar he said there was nothing they could do to help. when i contacted hud.they said that there was nothing they could do because my credit score was too low. and nationstar suggested i try the banks which is impossible right now. i really do want to keep my home but i only have a good 10 years to work if the Lord allows. my loan is a 20 year and interest is over 7%.

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  • Sd
      27th of Oct, 2008

    I am so happy to be fighting the Mortgage company in a court of law!

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  • Bj
      11th of Nov, 2008

    What I don't understand is how can they still be in business when even CountryWide a similar company had a bail out by Bank of America.

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  • Nw
      3rd of Mar, 2009

    I too have fallen victim to the "almost due" payment. Since November I have been supplying document after document to refi with NationStar to avoid an ARM reset. As of Friday, they're bugging me for the signed papers back, then on Monday they tell me the deal is off because according to their records, I'm 3 months behind in my payments. I don't know what kind of new math they're using over there, but if I hadn't made a payment since December as they allege, what happened to the two payments I sent in? If I were 1 day late they would have been calling me night and day. I have caller ID and there have been no calls from NationStar. Worst case scenario, I owe a few hundred dollars because of the ARM reset, which would not have happened had they not played games for 4 months. Also, they claim they paid my property taxes, yet I got a past due taxes notice from the county assessor warning my house would be up for public sale. I paid the taxes myself and now have another mess to straighten out.

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  • Bu
      8th of Mar, 2009

    They are all return phone calls, the modification process is the worst. All they ever offer is 2 yr. fixed! I find it ironic, that we sit in a great depression, and they play games...I truly believe they will fold, eventually! its sad the borrowers have to endure the games of price dropping of square footage. I demand assistance, if not i'll let a judge handle it.

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  • Ma
      8th of Jun, 2009

    My dealings with Nationstar have been the worst I have ever experienced in my life. First they file foreclosure, and they still call for payments. What is their problem? they offered me a fixed rate modification for 2 years, interest only, and then it goes up again to even more than before, $1700. Do they understand that if a person brings home $1600 a month, how can they pay a mortgage amount of $1700? They are Nuts, Nuts, Nuts!!!

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  • Na
      15th of Jun, 2009

    I got into this with Centex, they said they were helping me, but, added my "child support" to my income, even though I told them it was spotty - sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn't, I never know when. So they inflated my income to get me the loan. At 10.25 percent.
    When I got laid off in May 2008 - my income dropped I missed one payment, they charged me $1263.33 in "Legal fees", then raised my payment, and charged me for "corporate advances" all in the 31 days it took me to get another job. Then they told me they would put me on a repayment plan. In June 2008, I paid my house payment and a third as they would not take less than 1/3 of the payment- $1500.00. In July 2008, wanting to get it all paid and put behind me, I paid 1800.00
    when my statement came it said that I had $540.00 in late fees and owed $3324.00 for the mortgage plus all of the "fees".
    I called to speak to a representative after I saw that and spoke to a woman called "Georgia"- She called me a deadbeat and yelled at me that my mortgage payment was $1600.00 and Screamed "Your not even making your payment, It's $1600.00 a month and it went up in May.
    I was shocked, I told her I was on a repayment plan and that I was complying with the terms of the plan, she said that was not in the computer and I was never put on any repayment plan. I told her I wanted a copy of the letter that was sent informing me of the increase.
    Cannot get anything I ask for, they have stolen $20, 000.00 of the equity in my house. Totally screwed me over and break the law, the Truth in Lending Act is a joke to them. It's been a year that I have been asking for these documents and they send paperwork that doesn't apply.
    Anyone out there, anywhere, that can make any sense out of what these people are doing? We are looking for help!

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  • Dw
      4th of Aug, 2009

    Is there a class action suit against Nationstar? If so I would love information on it and how can I get involved? [protected]

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  • Th
      15th of Feb, 2010

    I am having the same trouble with this stupid company. We were going through a modification process with our morgage company (Flagstar) and right when we got to what we thought was the end of the process and we received a lower monthly payment and made the first payment then we received a letter from Nationstar that they had bought our loan from Flagstar. It has been a nightmare ever since! We have been told to just continue making our payments that Flagstar had set up and they would honor our deal with Flagstar but that has not been the case. We have received foreclosure letters and we call them and they tell us don't worry that is just something they have to do but that everything is fine. We call them every week for an update and just keep getting told that we are doing everything right and to keep making the payments on time and that it is with their underwriting department and we should be getting finalized paperwork soon. Then the next person tells us that they don't know why we were told that. Then a very rude person told my husband that they were waiting on pay stubs when we have not received anything from them, not even a phone call! He told my husband when he asked how we would know they wanted pay stubs when we had not received anything from them asking for pay stubs. This very rude man told my husband that we needed to be proactive in taking care of our mortgage. I don't know how much more proacitve someone can be when we call every week and get told everything is fine just wait!!! I wish someone would do something about this company. We now have an attorney that is working on this matter! Hopefully it will all end soon!!!

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  • Ga
      18th of Feb, 2010

    Any one having problems with Nation Star should contact you state office of Financial Services. I tried contacting everyone and anyone I could after months of problems trying to modify my loan. I have never been late on a house payment. This company just keeps playing games. This took months of phone calls. I sent in paperwork needed for the modification and do not hear for months. Then they say they lost it. Didn't even bother to say they never got it. Paid my taxes late. Didn't apply my papment for my escrow shortage I sent. Said they go it but no one applied it. Then they kept billing me for late charges over their mistake. Must havee talked to 30 customer service reps and never the same person twice. Once this customer service person was nice and took my information and said she would make sure it go to the proper person. The next day I received a call from Nation Star conducting a survey but only concerning my last phone call. I didn't fall for it and said everything negative that happened to me. When you see comments rating them high, they were scammed. Contact you state as they have charge over banks and morgage companies doing business in their states. Good luck, Lets get them for their unfair practices.
    Gayle In Wisconsin.

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  • Sp
      27th of Apr, 2010

    Nationstar Mortgage is anti-military!!! I'm a member of the Air National Guard, and I was activated in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in November January I was informed that I was eligible for protection under the Service Members Credit Relief Act of 2004...I immediately began sending my orders to my creditors, and everyone was wonderful, as they all contacted me within days, cutting my payments, lowing my interest rates, etc. The only one who didn't was Nationstar Mortgage!!! I've been battling them since January and each time I call I get the same answer..."it's under review, please call back in 5-7 business days". Each time I call I get the run around and no one is willing to help...please, please stay away from this company...they are, without a doubt, worthless!

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