National Tire and Batteryliars, crooks, and manipulators

An Dec 26, 2014 Austin

This shop will rip you off. I had several friends warn me not to go but it was Sunday; it was an emergency; and they were the only place open. Boy! do I regret it. This shop will manipulate your bill, outright lie to you and charge you for stuff you don't even need (not sure if the work even actually go done!) I am now been dealing with the $300 plus overcharge for 2 months! First, they closed it on me, by mail, on the word of the manager who was responsible for overcharging me in the first place, without ever making an attempt to call me!!! When I continued to contact them, they called me but left a FAX number so I couldn't call them back!!! Now I'm calling a third time. After they spent 10 minutes saying they couldn't find any case under my name and/or I would have to call the credit card company (what??? the credit card company did nothing wrong!), they transferred me to a manager who, surprise, surprise, found my file! However, of course (and it is no longer even shocking), she can't help me and I'll have to call back on Monday. Please avoid this place to save yourself a whole lot of hassle. This is about the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life!

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