National Reply Center / A 100% free funeral

Atlanta, GA, United States

The mailing is from “national reply center” addressed to me in new jersey and they had my name on the card inside in the greeting line, and the county was filled in with my county. The card said to fill out this “time sensitive” card regarding a 100% free funeral and it’s not government funds, and I "may qualify for the funeral advantage program that will pay your family in the event of your death an insurance cash benefit of up to $25, 000 tax free. " send it as soon as possible to receive our booklet on how it will work.

Enclosed a prepaid stamp enveloped and the one it was sent in have the same address (Except the one sent didn’t have the line… senior benefits dept, only the return envelop did) :

National response center
Senior benefits dept.
P. O. Box 161069
Atlanta, georgia [protected]

Front right bottom corner is a warning box: “warning: $2000 fine or 5 years imprisonment or both for any person obstructing the delivery of this letter. U. S. Mail ttt. 18. Code *not a government agency. ”

What made me suspicious of the letter was anything I get comes from either new jersey or washington dc, not atlanta, georgia.

Aug 22, 2016

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