National Processing Center / It's happening to me too and I have never defaulted

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On Dec.23, 2015 I received a call from this outfit. It must have been the 10th time they called. When I asked who they are and why are they calling me, the woman on the line told me to shut up, and repeated it at lest 6 more times. It was clear that she was trying to intimidate me and got very upset when I laughed at her. Finally she told me she's calling on behalf of an 'arbitration's" firm out of Miami. I know this is a lie. We definitely don't owe money to anyone, and never did. It's obvious that they're trying to reach someone else but they're not listening when I tell them this. Our phone number is listed on the Government's Do Not Call List. I just reported them. You should do so as well. Don't be intimidated. If they were legit, they'd inform you in writing and not try to collect money via phone calls.

Dec 24, 2015

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