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These people contacted me and I thought they were from the Gov't so assumed they were tried and true. Said I qualified for a grant. there would be a $380.00 fee for lawyers to do research to see which grant was for me. I agreed for the bank to debit my account. I waited several weeks and did not hear from them. Started calling and they were always changing their hours and that put doubt in my mind about them so after several attempts they finally answered and I requested my money back. A Mary Gilmore is one that I spoke with. They said I had to fill out a form. They sent it to me with instructions that said the papers were do be blank and I HAD to sent it back Priority Mail within 3 days .

I would have overnighted it but would I have gotten my money back. I did everything they ask me to to get my money back. They never would return my calls. I call every day for months. Sometimes 2 times a day until I got so frustrated I gave up. I still want my money from them! I even emailed a McCullum in Va. I think he is a congressman. No reply. I email Allen Boyd here in Florida. No response. So does anyone out there care for the widow that get ripped off! Well we will see. I read on Google that took me to your site that another lady in Cottondale which is right up the road from me got the same mess as I did from the same people. So, can you do something about getting our money back? Or is this just a sight to spill our guts? I live on disability and things are so tight and I don't even have the luxury of going out and shopping for my 10 grandchildren here at Christmas time. I love with all my heart and when someone does me like this it stabs my in the heart! I pray that the man who is in charge of all this deception has a miserable return for what he has done to innocent people. I bet he has hemmroids even as I type! But, I still want my money back! $380.00! to be exact!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

, US
Oct 24, 2017 7:03 pm EDT

I got one of these today. At the bottom of the envelope is a very faint "Not affiliated with any government agency". The card itself is titled "2017 Benefit Update For [insert name] and goes on to b.s. about the Social Security Adm. making funds available for final expense planning. Eventually it just says you can return the card to receive free information on how to apply for this bogus program. It's kind of like getting those "vehicle warranty" postcards telling you your vehicle's warranty is about to expire and to call some 800 number to renew before it's too late. Or those phone calls from India re-routed through some city/state in the U.S. telling you the IRS or some other agency demands payment of some overdue amount or charges will be filed against you. What I hate most about these cons isn't so much how much they bother me, but that I know that a lot of elderly people are losing their nest eggs because of [censor] like this. There needs to be a heavy crackdown on this stuff, including identity theft as well. And I'm not just talking slaps on the wrist. I'm talking if they find the call center in India that employs these scams, send in a strike team to take those sorry sob's out. Convicted of identity theft, or writing ransomware... put them against a wall and end it. It's the only way this will stop.

, US
Aug 25, 2017 2:35 pm EDT

I know this thread is 7 years old, but I just received this one today 8/25/17. Highly deceptive and I thought the Postal Service had enacted regulations prohibiting Junk Mailers from using Official Looking packaging and appearance of Government correspondence. In this case SSI. Although it is carefully worded.

I have a excellent suggestion to those receiving this garbage. If it is a postage paid envelope or in this case a postage paid Post Card, upon which they want you to write personal information, the easiest way to let them know your displeasure is to simply write no thanks in large letters across the item, and drop it in a mail box. They will have to pay for the return postage. Get a few million irate people doing that and they will get the message.

By, the way the Pennsylvannia Ave address in DC is another scam. It is a rented mail box in a UPS store, and the mail is forwarded to their true company address in Texas.

Haslet, US
Dec 30, 2008 7:36 am EST
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With Internet, Email etc - the only person who is going to look out for you is YOU!

The best advice I can give to you is to ALWAYS assume its a scam until proven otherwise! YOU HAVE TO DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF.
Such as reading the Federal Trade Commission website on this grant scam.

You do not need a lawyer - the government makes this info free to all. You assumed that they were the only way to get a grant.