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National Arbitration Forum / illegal trials and decisions

1 9 Juniper AvenuePleasant Valley, NY, United States Review updated:

I found out the hard way and other people should be aware and scared. If you live in the United States you can be charged, and have an entire trial hels against held you without ever being told. The National Arbitration Forum with only one panel member deciding YOUR fate is Sandra Franklin. They only use your e-mail adress not even your real name. They call you respondent. They charge you with a crime without notifying you. On November 6th 2005 I turned my computer on, On the screen was a notice informing me That a Decision had been reached in my CASE, My name was Respondent and Sandra Franklin had decided I was guilty of using a domain name I knew nothing about or had ever heard of. <>. The complaintant was Leslie C. Ruiter of Stokes Lawrence, P.S 800 Fifth Ave. Suite 4oooo, Seattle, Wa. Evidently they say they contacted us and we never responded. That sounds good doesn't it? How can you respond when your name is not even on any documents they are showing you. They only use your computer e-mail adress. Evidently this is legal now in the U.S. They can have an entire trial without even using your name or notifying you. You are now Guilty without a trial in the United States. I have a copy. So I started looking for this Arbitration Forum. They have a whole lot of trials with no names only your e-mail adress or RESPONDENT with YOUR domain you know nothing about or never heard of! The best part, after they send it to you,(think quick like I do and make a copy FAST. I make copies of everything on my computer that might infect it) because about 5 minutes later your computer crashes. Ours did, we were able to restore it but it had to be sent out.Iw ould advise everyone with an e-mail or registered computer or a domain to check the files in this National Arbitration Forum and find out if YOU are listed. I found out the hard way along with not being able to have a legal adress in New York State you are a criminal now without being told or given any chance to change their charges or get help in the United States. No matter who you contact they will not help you. I was born and raised here in the U.S. I have lived here 48 years and worked here since I was 14. They don't mind putting that on my social security staement . Or collecting taxes from me, but No matter who I ask for help no one answers my letters. So it is true you can be a citizen now, here ,and have no democratic rights. I know I've tried to get them for years, and that includes being denied medical help when I was losing consciousness unable to speak or walk. I was told that is NORMAL, sent home and told learn to live with it, you are only depressed. I have all the paperwork to prove what I am saying and no one will speak to me or look at it. Thanks for letting me tell this.

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  • Ge
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    I think you should inform your local and state legislators of your plight and try to get an article in a local newspaper. If they do it to one they will do it to others. Arbitration is usually agreed to in a contract and saves all parties alot of grief but not the way you describe it. Also the American Arbitration Association is the standard bearer for arbitration, perhaps they could guide you in an appropriate direction.

  • Ta
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    National Arbitration Forum is a fraudulent company that only helps the rich that pays them. If you read the link below, you will find that they will help the businesses 95% of the time as that is where they get their pay checks. They won't help the consumer as they don't pay them a dime.

    Wikipedia are very honest, National Arbitration Forum is a big scam.

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