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I cannot warn you strongly enough to stay far away from this monitoring service. After our contract was purchased by this company they renewed our contract without notifying us. Apparently it was in the small print that they could do this but our prior alarm company always asked for our permission before renewing our contract. This was not the case with My Alarm Center ... to get out of the contract I would have had to pay over $2000. We wanted to end monitoring with them because of numerous false alarms, loss of service phone calls, etc. -- it was an endless hassle with them and, whenever we called, they were of little help.
We recently moved out of the country so were finally able to get out of our contract with them (!!!). To do this, we were asked to send in a letter explaining that we were moving and they would terminate our service. It's been a month now since we moved and our neighbors (who apparently were on our emergency call list) have been getting numerous phone calls from the monitoring company. Apparently they still neglected to terminate our service. I called them and they said they needed proof that I moved out of the country -- ridiculous, since they had just called me back on my international phone number.
Consumers, stay far, far away from this company. I have never in my life written a complaint about a company so that should tell you how strongly I feel about My Alarm Center. Beware!


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  • Ja
      Jul 18, 2011

    Just want to warn you that be aware of contracting with My Alarm Center. There are several terms and conditions which are not reasonable. If you do not like their poor service, you will need to send them a certified mail one month before. In my case, my contract was signed in the end of May, 2008. I called them in the early of June, 2011 to cancel the service. They just neglected to terminate my service. They still renewed my contract and contiune charging from my credit card. In order to not renew the contract, they just simiply stated that a certified mail has to be sent out in April, 2011.

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  • Ti
      Jul 19, 2011

    I experienced the same issue with this company. I called and cancelled my service with them, they informed me that I needed to fax a letter and exactly what to put in the letter. I followed their instructions. They continued to ask and go over services they could provide for my new home. I informed them the if I decided to go with them I would call them. Three months later I recieved a bill for 124.00. when I called, first they said, they were waiting for me to call them back. When I informed them that was not true, I faxed a letter they placed me on hold, came back and said I owed a balance, I agreed $30.00, which they were suppose to send me a bill for. They put me on hold AGAIN! THIS TIME FOR 15 MINUTES! I think they were hoping I would hang up (oh this happened when I called to cancel also, that hold time was 25 min). After the returned it was another person, after going over the exact same thing with him, he informed me the the contract ran from Feb to Feb and I had to pay for it until it expired. I asked him why wasn't I informed of this two months ago when I cancelled, he did not know. I told him he needed to sent it to collections because there was NO way in hell I was paying for a service I did not have! They are rip offs and obviously the down economy is turning companies into vicious rip off artists who pray on people who have had there service for over 6 years! Thanks Phoneix Security and My Alarm center for kicking society down a little further! They informed me that they will send me a copy of the form I signed agreeing to it. My fault for not reading the fine print and believing the technician when he said I was signing a 1 year contract. My freekin bad!

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  • Co
      Aug 07, 2011

    Your local companysold your contract-- the contract U signed with the local company, so according to the contract u signed there is a renual clause, , u would only get a call if there is a cancelation letter on file, , , this is a standard practice in the alarm industry, , u just cant call and cancel because it is a security company, , YOU have to have a cancel letter on file, , and as far as being on hold-- did you ever think it takes time for a rep to read notes on the account, maybe spek to a supervisor as to what they can do for u, , , and remember if u do not test your system and u change phone services, , how would any alrm company know if something was wrong

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  • Ja
      Aug 10, 2011

    My Alarm Center (The Alarm Center) purchase constracts from local companies without sending out any notices with the coustomers. Think about personal confidential information written in the contracts. Check about the Rip-off reoprts from /link removed/
    /link removed/

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  • My
      Aug 16, 2011

    EYD – This is an official response from My Alarm Center. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience or confusion over your monitoring agreement and subsequent international relocation.

    As a monitoring service provider it is our duty to keep our customers secure. For the safety of those we serve we do our best to avoid lapses or intermittent disconnection of service. Towards that end, once a term expires the contract is automatically renewed. Additionally, we require written notice of intent to cancel 30 days prior to the termination date. This is an industry-wide practice put in place to protect our customers from fraudulent termination of services.

    We work hard to keep our customers satisfied and do our best to be flexible in certain circumstances, whether a customer is moving or having financial difficulties. With every case being a little different, it is important for customers to contact a Customer Service Representative before their original contract expires so that they can iron out the terms for the next contract, or cancel if they so please.

    Again, we are terribly sorry for any inconvenience and hope you understand that our policies are in effect solely to protect our customers. Our friendly customer representatives are available Monday through Friday 8am-8pm EST to speak with you on any future questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, we invite you to contact our Customer Care Supervisor at 866 484 4800 ext 8152 so that we can quickly resolve your specific issue.

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  • Pi
      Aug 17, 2011

    Legally customers have 30 days to terminate the service aggreement, since it is transfered / purchased by a different company. Home security is not just sending out a signal, people want to be udpated/noiticed if different company is monitoring their home.

    The value of purchasing contracts from local company is that it can be automatically renewed. It is not surprised that an alarm company does not notice customers before the contract is renewed.

    By searchiing similar complaints from Google, it is interesting that My Alarm Center, The Alarm Center, and Alarm Capital Alliance have the same address:
    1400 N. Provdence Road, Suite 3055, Media, PA
    People have similar problems with those companies. Some people filed their complaints with BBB and the PA States Attorney's office, and the Federal Trade Commission.

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  • My
      Aug 19, 2011

    Thank you for your response. My Alarm Center is the official company name and the new brand that our company just rolled out this year. The name change was primarily driven by our upgraded customer website where customers are now able to review their account, make payments, and soon will be able to requests copies of their contracts right from their personalized account.

    In an effort to transition customers smoothly we mail letters to all new customers informing them of the billing change as well as any monitoring changes that take place as a result of the transfer. Termination requirements vary from contract to contract. As with most recurring revenue contracts across industries, it is the customer’s responsibility to manage the expiration terms. As noted above, if a customer needs a copy or explanation of their agreement, we are happy to provide them upon request. Our Customer Service Representatives are available from 8am to 8pm EST at 866-484-4800.

    At My Alarm Center your security is our top priority. Just a friendly reminder to test your alarm system regularly. A few minutes of time today will ensure a safe tomorrow.

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  • Fa
      Dec 01, 2011

    I cannot remember a company that I have had a worse experience with than "MY ALARM CENTER". I live in Atlanta and had a 7 year relationship with Willlett Wiring. I get a notice from Willett Wirting that the billing for my alarm service was transferred to MY ALARM CENTER. After a equipment malfunction could not be remedied without a significant bill from MY ALARM CENTER, I called to cancel and of course get the whole run around about being under a service agreement with MY ALARM CENTER. I was never informed that these guys bought the business from Willett Wiring, only told that MY ALARM CENTER was taking over the billing. These guys are the worst people to deal with over the phone -- you get bounced from billing to "resolution" back to billing. They can't ever find information you have faxed or mailed to them. supervisors never call you back. I have been trying to resolve this since May and it is now December -- still unresolved. I suggest NEVER using these people.

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  • Ja
      Jan 24, 2012

    I am dealing with the same problem as some of the above comments. My contract was automatically renewed and I have to continue to pay even though I jumped through all their hoops to cancel. I had not signed anything in 7 years and they still ripped me off. Now after my service is turned off I get repeated calls from monitoring center saying they are getting no signal from my house. DUH!!! If u value your $, your safety and your belongings don't depend on these IDIOTS! My Alarm Center and Safenet SUCK!!!

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  • Ji
      Apr 17, 2012

    Same problem, Don't know how they got a hold of our contract that was originally with a reputable local company in Virginia. My wife gave up trying to cancel service last year and paid when they told her she had to because she past some date we were unaware of. I have been trying to cancel for months. I cancelled on the telephone and through the mail. Then they call your house to discuss why you cancelled. Two months I receive another final notice bill as if I would still continue with them. I am over these people and their tactics and games, this is supposed to give you a sense of security... Really..

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  •   Apr 17, 2012

    Very alarming.

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  • Qu
      Sep 22, 2012

    Moral of the story...know the terms of a contract and negotiate before you sign ...get everything written on it and follow's the point of a contract...Sounds like these people are just mad that they are being held to a contract they didn't bother to read.

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  • My
      Jul 18, 2017

    @QuitWhiningAlready Mind your [censor] business. How about that?

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  • Su
      Aug 08, 2013

    I have had the same experience with these clowns. Poor service, false alarms, not wanting to send someone out to reset service until after I had went with another company--the list goes on. These folks are rip offs--STAY AWAY. Have been with another company for over 2 years yet these clowns continue to call me about a past due bill. I faxed them several letters and they claim they did not get them. SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT GOING ON THESE SHAMSTERS

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  • An
      Sep 01, 2013

    I used to be with Silent Sentry and without notice it was changed to My Alarm Center.
    I have tried twice to cancel this account last month as someone is now renting my house. I sent a fax as they requested on the same day I spoke with a Stefan. A week later, I still did not receive any confirmation email. I was again transferred to Stefan (is he the only one working on disconnection of accounts?) then said this time to email him and he will email me back to confirm the cancellation of my service. Again, nothing.
    Meanwhile, the renters have started their own alarm services with another company (Thank God), and 2 of my friends have received calls that My Alarm Center is not getting a signal or something to that effect or that the alarm went off. Really, it still has a connection with their system after Stefan insisted that the account will be closed weeks ago?!!
    I will contact the 866 number I saw above and see what happens. If anyone knows anything about a class action suit, I would want to know about it. Even my landlord/realtor had a problem with them and they have since changed to Furlong. He should be lucky his account has been disconncected. Let's see what Stefan has to say this time.

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  • Ma
      Sep 16, 2014

    My experience with My Alarm Center has been terrible! Do not use them!!!

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  • Kh
      Mar 13, 2017

    This "company" is a total rip off, scam!!! We have the EXACT same complaints as others...faulty equipment that was never replaced; false alarms that were never acknowledged; and refusing to cancel contract once it was over and paid in full. We just spent 2 hours on the phone being told that we were responsible for 3 months of "service" after our contract was over because we didn't notify them...when we did!!! We let them know verbally and in writing that we were not renewing the contract. They put us on a month to month AFTER we canceled without our knowledge or permission. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS "COMPANY" unless you want faulty equipment, you like being threatened with collection agencies and having your credit ruined-which is what the "manager" told us tonight, etc.

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  • My
      Jul 18, 2017

    @Khristi Nicholson Do I hear "class action"?

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  • Ok
      Jun 02, 2017

    I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH TO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They take my money automatically but when I call they do not have my name in the system trying to cancel I was told it would take a month STAY AWAY.

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  • Sc
      Jan 02, 2018

    I am going through the same problem with My Alarm Center right now. We have moved to SC where, thank God, MAC does not service. At the end of Sept. when we were moving I called them to terminate my service. It appeared to be a simple process. All I had to do was send them an email explaining that we were moving, which I did. Two months later, I got a bill for the usual amount of my bill. When I called they said they had not received my letter of termination. Well now it seems that an email is not good enough, it must be a letter. So I quickly sent the letter and paid the bill which meant I was paying for the new residents if my old home to be protected!!! Now at the end of December, I got yet another bill for service from January 2018- March 2018. I AGREE WITH ALL THE COMMENTS ABOVE! RUN, DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS CO!!!

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  • Fc
      Feb 03, 2019

    We had multiple false alarms with Frontpoint as well. They could never troubleshoot out motion sensor--it would always go off no matter what direction we faced it. The customer service member was rude when we tried to ask him how to disassemble the motion sensor to change the battery--it was difficult if you never did it before. Now that I have canceled they charged me an additional monitoring fee because they are so special and require 30 days advanced notice--it is for the safety of their customers or so they say--I say BULLSH**! I do not think that is fair when I was not using them during that time period and disconnected my service. I look at it as a reward for them for poor service which I cannot condone.

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