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1 Rustenburg, South Africa
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Phone: 0839731598

In 2013 a complaint was laid against Mvelo Platinum Group in regard to unpaid employees.
It is now almost 2015 and we are still waiting for MR Sarel Daantjie to pay a house that he have rented for us as employees. The agreement between the employees and Mr Sarel Daantjie was that the company will rent a house for us and that the company will pay for it, as part of our employment agreement.

He delay payment of the rent agreement for more than 4 months and me and my wife ended up being summons for R30 000 rand as Mr Sarel Daantjie refuse to pay the rent agreement and told the attorneys that we need to be held responsible for the rent as he have not got the money to pay the outstanding rent, in the meanwhile he have a million rand contract with Longmin Mine. He also have left me and my wife with a lot of debt as he was not paying his employees.

In 2014 Mr Sarel Daantjie was interview by VL Voices of leaders and stated that he made mistakes and that they busy correcting there mistakes

What a lot of falls statements as he still refuse to settle the outstanding money's.

Sarel Daantjie is nothing more than a manipulator and scammer. We also are currently receiving phone calls and SMS from him threatening us to remove the complains.

We will only conceder removing the complains after full settlement have been received from MR Sarel Daantjie.

Please people be on the lookout for this man as he is not the person he claim to be.
Ask your self way he is providing falls business addresses and is never willing to come to agreement with employees.

Mvelo platinum Group (PTY) LTD

Dec 30, 2014

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