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Do not trust mowers direct prices or their promotions! I ordered a rather expensive husquavarna lawn tractor ($2500) through them, thinking I was getting a good buy and great the long run, I could have purchased the tractor locally at the same price and it would have been set up for me and ready to run. Here I am two days later, still struggling to uncrate it, and I was told all I had to do was connect the battery and drive it off the pallet, far from the truth. The bolts for the brush guard didn't even fit the holes, there are no instructions for installing the battery and the mower cannot be driven off the pallet since there is a purge process before it can be driven. I am almost 70 years old and cannot move this 580 pound mower to level ground. I regret not having read the company reviews on their own website, prior to ordering.

I was told they were offering an interest free payment plan through synchrony financial and I should apply and call back. I did so and was immediately approved. I received the tractor and the credit card on the same date. When I activated the card, I found I was being billed $200 more than the invoice showed. After several phone calls and a few emails, I was told those were promotional fees from synchrony. How is this interest free for 42 months? This was certainly not something the salesman mentioned but synchrony told me mowers direct was well aware of the fees. I have two other accounts through synchrony and no fees were ever tacked on. Perhaps I should have been more careful reading the user agreement, but with two other accounts and no problems, why would i? I believe this was deliberate on the part of mowers direct and personally feel it is a form of consumer fraud. Had I been told about these fees, I would have either paid cash or shopped local. Neither mowers direct or synchrony financial are willing to do anything about this. I will be contacting the attorney general in my state, the bbb and any consumer fraud agencies I can locate.

Jun 13, 2017

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