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Mountain Area Communications / tried to cancel magazine but they said I would have to pay 1000.00 to cancel

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they called me saying that I won 1000.00 shopping spree on the internet then they said I would have to buy magazines for 29.90 a month for five years cause they prepaid the magazine out of there pocket I gave them all my personal information bank accounts, social security, and my address. they sent me an envelop with reciept of payment and agreement and a piece of paper saying I have to mail it back to them to receive 1000.00 shopping spree, so I did that. Then maybe one or two weeks later I receive the 1000.00 shopping spree but it says "sorry for the inconvenience but this company can't send merchandise to Hawaii and that I can give it away to someone in the mainland, and they also said here is a three day and two night vacation for u but I have to pay for the reservation and the trip. haha funny right. I called to cancel but they said I would have to pay 1000.00 I said no then they said they can cut to a lower price 500.00 I said no then they said 300.00 I said no never I called back when I figure something out. and hanged up

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  • Ca
      5th of May, 2009
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    So just say no??? and they won't bother you anymore?? I NEED HELP I WANT TO GET OUT

  • Sa
      7th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    You cannot cancel for 1000 dollars, or 500 or 300. You just can't. You can cancel the order for a percentage of the final balance on your account because it is stated to you when you are in verification that they are prepaying the magazines for you in advance. That's why they ask you not to cancel.

    Also, you're not paying $29.90 a month for 5 years for these magazines. You're paying $29.90 a month for the first 20 months then you pay nothing for the remaining 40 months of the service.

    You can't just say "no" and cancel the service. If your account goes too long without payment, the account is sent to an outside collection agency where your final balance becomes due along with a hefty service charge for the collection service. I know this from experience. I wish I had just paid my monthly bill. Now my credit is messed up because I didn't pay it and I ended up having to pay it anyway in the end.

    The company is legit. I started receiving my magazines about 3 months after I started the service and they did stop until I paid them in full and now they're coming again. The company really does offer what they say they do. I just wish I had known that ahead of time.

  • Ma
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    could you plese give me the number to the company so that i can try to cancel? my email is

  • Lo
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    Would someone please post the number for cancellation?

  • Fo
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    Call them at 1-866-900-2719 and ask for their collections number. They can't transfer you to collections but they can give you that number. Then tell them you want to cancel. They'll go into a spill about it being prepaid but that they can cancel for like 70% of your total balance. Keep giving them hell about it and make up some excuse and they can go down to 55% of your total balance. You're still going to have to pay but when you do pay one of these percentages, you'll still get the magazines for however many years they promised. Or you could tell them your calling the BBB and the atourney general and keep giving hell with that and sometimes they'll let you cancel with 2 or 3 monthly payments.

  • Ja
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    I was recently scammed by mountain area communications same as several people on this site. I however didn't let them bully me into accepting their bs about how there was nothing I could do. I immediatly called the Better Buisness Buero, the Federal Trade commission and I was prepaired to finish my complaint with my attorney General. As a result, Mountain Area Communications buckeled and canceled my account. So all you really have to do to make mountain area communications tuck tail and run is be as big a pain in the ### as humanly possible.

  • To
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    I had a run in with them also. I came across some information somewhere on the net that mentioned writing them a letter to cancel. I gave it a try and haven't been billed for that since. There was another business they signed me up with that I had to deal with as well, but that was much easier to cancel. I put all the details in a blog post as

  • Cs
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    My daughter ended up getting involved with this company. I did not know about it until the second month of her 'subscription' when this company double charged her account for the monthly payment. This caused her account to go negative, and have 8 overdraft fees. When we called the bank, they said the company if definitely fraud, and to contact them to advise they have to pay the fees. We spoke with Paige, who was very rude, and told us we would have to speak to Cindy the next day. But, Cindy is only available for 6 hours a day... B.S.!!! I called back and was transfered to Jacqueline. She apologized but said that my daughter authorized a double payment, which was complete crap. She then said they would refund the duplicate charge, but that the bank would be responsible for all the overdraft fees when they realize it was an error. We called the bank, and they said MAC would be responsible as they caused the negative balance to begin with. I called Jacqueline back, and she asked why my daughter continued to use her card, and I told her flat out she was within her rights to use her card for funds she thought were available to her. She asked what bank it was, and when I told her Wells Fargo, she said to fax a copy to her so they can dispute it with the bank, because, according to her, they have had numerous issues with Wells Fargo paying back overdraft fees. We did send the fax, along with a nice letter advising they have 14 days to issue payment. If they refused to do so, they need to provide a letter stating why, as we would need to include that with our complaints to the BBB and the MN Attorney General. We received a call the next day stating they were issuing a check as they just don't feel like arguing with the bank. Funny thing... That is exactly what the bank said they would tell us!!! They also stated my daughter could cancel with a $500 fee as she agreed to the terms of cancelation. I asked to see it in writing. She stated they have her on tape verbally agreeing. Verbal agreements are not valid in all states. When I advised her of that fact, she said because they are located in TN, my daughter goes by their laws. Absolutely not true. When this company does business in another state, they have to abide by that states laws. They agreed to cancel the subscription for two monthly payments of $49.99. We told them we will call them when the refund check is received. We have no intentions of paying them the cancelation fee. Our bank advised if they did turn it over to collections to dispute it with the fact that due to the problems they caused in her account, they should be able to waive the two $49.99 a month cancellation fee! I will be posting negative feedback about this company where ever I can. I am writing to the BBB, and the MN Atty. General. I urge anyone who has had issues with them to do the same thing. Get your State Atty. General involved!!! This company needs to be shut down for good!

  • Sp
      7th of Dec, 2010
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    Report all poor business practices to the Federal Trade Commission - - interstate fraud is a crime.

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