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I bought a brand new 2008 GSXR from the dealer and the experience was great. I managed to work out a great deal for the bike, although my sales girl wasnt too happy, the financing went great, and the exit couldnt have been better... UNTIL, I had to deal with the service department.

Note, when I bought the bike, there were key questions that I wanted to ask the sales person and she confirmed. The main thing was the warranty and what it covers. Her answer was EVERYTHING, but the clutch. A few days ago, my brand new bike with 800 miles died on me on the highway and thank god for roadside assistance, through my insurance.

I noticed the bike was backfiring and a light was on the dash and it said SD on the indicator. When I got home, I pull out the manual and it stated, steering damper solenoid, speed and something else electric malfunction. I had it dropped off that same day with detailed information about the malfunction.

Here's where the BS begins:

I get a call back from a gentleman named Steve. The first question I get is "Where did I get this bike from?" Even though the keychain, being prepped and all service records show Motorcycle Mall. Second, I get a comment that I didnt get my first service done, when it was done at 500 miles in August, then miraculously he finds it once I told him I had the paperwork. And third, I get the lamest excuse of a loose battery terminal being the cause of all this and NOW, my battery is completely dead. My bike's issue did cause the battery to drain, but at the same time, it would spark back up in 20 minutes and when I dropped it off at the dealer, it turned ON!

This is all a case of them wanting to get cash out of their customers, since Suzuki wont pay them, what a cash customer will for the same work. Once I heard the run around and told him that the bike is new and under warranty, now the battery is not covered, but what happened to EVERYTHING being covered but the clutch?

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      Feb 01, 2010

    I had a similar issue with them. I left from there shelling out a chunk a money and my questions were never answered. If I were you, I'd get a second opinion, cuz where they fix one thing, they loosen a screw somewhere else. Good luck!

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  • Pw
      Jul 19, 2011

    I purchased a Seadoo Jetski from them at the Boatshow in NYC and can not recall such a bad sales experience in my life. After handing over $15, 000, I was treated almost as if they were giving me the vehicle for free and in the end it was delivered with parts missing, the check engine light on, without proper paperwork and with a crack in the hull that should not be on a new $15k machine. My calls to the owner were met with such contempt, I can not imagine these guys are in business. In the end, I'm engaged in a legal battle with Motorcycle Mall, Inc. to recover funds for my lost parts and damaged watercraft and I can not make a more strong recommendation AGAINST dealing with this awful and belligerent dealer. They have zero respect for any customer once they get your money, BEWARE!

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  • Se
      Mar 25, 2012

    And now theyre building a bigger place, its a ripoff, they bs on the phone and never tell u the real pricing. I was warned but I didnt listen and only saw the great price. Well that GREAT PRICE CHANGED in a hurry as soon as they took my money. Ill never deal with another big store like that again, went to a small store and got personal service and friendly people. They kept my deposit, but in the end I wound up paying the smaller store about 1/2 hour away from them alot less anyways. Now I love the smaller stores service and would never go bac to motorcycle mall.

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  • An
      May 03, 2012

    my experience goes like this... i put my motorcycle on lay a way around February and their sales people made my experience the most wonderful i ever experienced until it was time to buy my accessories. anyways to make a long story short Christine told me before my purchase that i would be receiving a 10% discount and that if i was gonna buy my helmet, gloves, shield, and lowering kit that she would give me an additional 5%. so when it was time for me to purchase my accessories she told me that i wouldn't get the five percent unless i posted a review. i made a call to the claims department and spoke to a guy named Drew. i explained to him the situation and he had the nerve to call me a liar. what ever happened to the customer always being right? he was a total jerk and never once wanted to acknowledge that maybe his sales person made a mistake. i hate motorcycle mall and would never go there ever again. i will most definitely spreed the word to my friends and family. Oh by the way drew and Christine you could shove your 15% percent where the sun don't shine.

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  • Re
      Jun 07, 2012

    I bet I can top ALL the horror stories about this ### hole... I brought them my 1984 vintage Moto Guzzi, I wanted the engine over hauled, heads replaced, carbs done over and repainted. I gave them the bike February 2009 and $2, 000 in cash.. by AUGUST I was pitching a ### fit. I heared every freaking excuse in the book from their service department about not being able to get parts! THEN, the painter F-d up the paint and a second one had to be brought in! Mid August they say the bike is ready and pressure me to pick up the bike cause they are closing for 2-weeks vacation. Pick it up, give them another $2, 000 and the bike runs like ### (worse than when I brought it in) and for two weeks I am stuck fuming. I had to take the bike to a second mechanic to determine they NEVER did the work they charged me for! I file a complaint with the BB and dispute the $2, 000 balance, I get screaming calls from the father, then horrific nasty letters from him calling me names and saying my bike was a piece of ### (his words not mine). I won the battle on the credit card dispute thanks to solid documentation from the second mechanic but I would never use those bastadards again!

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  • Jo
      Apr 16, 2013

    Chose not to listen to the COUNTLESS individuals who told me to stay away from this place. Well, now I'm paying the price. Their service department is terribbbbble. Will not step a foot in this establishment ever again.

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  • Re
      Apr 16, 2013

    I posted a while ago about the HORRIBLE treatment from the owner and I see others have had to endure the same abusive treatment. This place ripped me off on service on my Moto Guzzi and it cost me over $2, 000 to fix THEIR mistakes. They tried to use the lame excuse it was a vintage bike. Well you knew THAT when you said you could fix it, it's wasn't a secret! Beware of this place, I don't care how big and pretty they look, they are out for the money and could care less about the customers.

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  • Bi
      May 30, 2013

    Motorcycle Mall sold me a gas cap for my bike that was the wrong cap, it did not have a pressure release valve in it so when the temp outside dropped to the 30s the air in the tank shrank and caved in my fuel tank!!! I had to contact the manufacturer to force them to replace the tank!!! I rode the bike home and it bucked a bit but seemed like it stopped by the time i got home but the very next time i went to ride the bike it would not go over 20 MPH and seemed to be starving for fuel. I contacted Motorcycle Mall and was told it was not there problem and they were not going to fix it! I never had a problem with my bike before I bought that damned gas cap from them and now I have a motorcycle that wont run all because I bought the part from Motorcycle Mall


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  • Bi
      Nov 29, 2013

    I was pre approved for a Honda and the sales person disregarded that and tried to make me leave a five hundred dollar deposit.He clearly was taking orders from a bigger idiot who came over and began to insult me on front of other customers.Then he began to stare me down until i walked out of the showroom.Motorcycle Mall sucks!!

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  • Al
      Jun 09, 2014

    This place has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my 52 years of living. The rear bearing on my 2010 Victory Vision went out after riding from Milwaukee, WI. My bike was towed to the dealership on Sunday night. I called them first thing on Monday morning and made contact with service advisor "Brian". His main concern was to receive a copy of my drivers license so that he could service my bike. I called him several times between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm; he called me back and stated that he did not receive the copy of my driver's license attached to the email. When I asked about the status of the bike, he replied that he was too busy to check with the technicians. Knowing that MM closed at 8:00 pm, I called every 30 minutes, still inquiring about the status and was told that Brian was too busy to come to the phone. At 8:00 pm, the store closed and I never did receive a phone call. This situation was a full day wasted.

    The following day, I went to the dealership at 11:00 am and met with Brian and John Resciniti (owner's son) who told me that my bike was in 'bad shape' and he tried to sell me parts that I did not need. He stated that the rotor and caliper needed to be replaced. I informed them that I only needed bearings installed to ride my bike back to Milwaukee. They stated that they would order ALL of the parts and it would be a 3 to 4 day wait for arrival; however, they could not promise me that my bike would be ready by Saturday (keep in mind, my bike had been there since Monday morning).

    When I told them that I had a dealership in Milwaukee who had the parts in stock and would ship them to me overnight, Brian said they would not do this because this would involve two dealerships. The other option was to pay an additional $200 to have the parts shipped overnight from Polaris. By this time, my confidence in this dealership was zero!

    I asked them to remove my bike from their shop area and I had it towed to the hotel and ended up shipping it home.

    Stay away from this place! They are not people-friendly, take advantage of one's misfortune, and could care less about your personal situation.

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  • Ch
      Oct 02, 2016

    My boyfriend put down a deposit on a layaway bike of $600. The sales mgr knew he was a good customer so no worries on taking up to a year to get the bike has he has done before. He also bought a bike from them before which was a cash/carry sale. His contract was written in Sept/2015 but since we are out of state and no formal payment plan was in place my boyfriend didn't put down another payment until he was up from FL to NJ until June 2016. At that time he walked in to find his bike FOR SALE on the showroom floor. When he pointed it out to the sales rep he apologized, put a SOLD sign on it and asked when my boyfriend would be picking it up. He told the sales rep the end of September 2016 at the latest.
    He headed back to FL and in August he found the same bike on an online website for bike dealers showing his bike for sale once more! He called and talked to Allen the sales rep who informed him they could no longer honor his price of $11k on the bike that they could give him his money back or he could use it for another bike. The bike was now selling online everywhere we looked for $14, 500! MM stood to make more money if we walked away from the bike in other words. The contract they stated said pick up was to be by Dec. 2015 even though it was illegible on the contract copy they provided us. We were told the best they could offer us was $1450 more over the original price. Our contract also stated NO TRANSFERS, NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS, yet they were offering us our money back or transfer of funds to another bike purchase with them. Since we had new parts to add to the bike my boyfriend agreed under protest. He even wrote on the additional $1450 check..."under duress of goods." Still they cashed the check and took the balance from my CC. I just wanted to ordeal to be over before they sold the bike from under him. When we drove from FL to NJ we borrowed a friends trailer to pick up the bike. The office woman who had him sign the release was rude and unhappy that my boyfriend didn't sign the way he first did on his original contract and said she would have to write up the paperwork all over again...annoyed. (It didn't matter, they had him on camera signing and picking up the bike for release to him). When he explained to Allen the sales rep that he wasn't happy they charge an addt'l $1450 an that he would have to take it to court their attitude took an about face. Not only were they trying to get him to sign again under duress, they were now refusing to sell him the bike. When we went to leave they grabbed our truck keys so we couldn't leave. My boyfriend called the police who couldn't believe we paid for the bike two weeks earlier and that MM wouldn't let us take it despite us having the release slip signed in our possession and that they also were holding our vehicle keys! The officers were kind about it suggesting we take it to civil court. I have never in all my years of doing business as a professional have seen such poor business practice. We were met with an arrogant attitude, no value being shown to a long term and loyal customer, and how we were surrounded by their group of sales reps like we were trouble makers! My boyfriend kept calm the entire time, never raised his voice, only stated the facts which they didn't care less about. They sales crew even stated that the young owner of the business didn't want to sell the bike to us even though we already owned it!!! Luckily we took a second chance at Pompton Motor Sports and their salesman and mgr. empathized with us and were able to provide the same bike even adding additional discounts because they felt bad about what we had to go through with MM. Ironically the salesman and mgr. PREVIOUSLY worked at MM...Saying something? I suggest you shop around and find reputable seasoned salesman before making your bike purchase. Check out my one-star rating and full story on MM at YELP!

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  • Ja
      Mar 08, 2017

    I had a Ducati serviced there 3 times. All the above bad experience was correct. I can't say more...except emphasizing "DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS AT THIS PLACE".

    • Issue resolved. The compliant was experienced in two years ago and a new service team has been in placed. All is good now. Sorry for the shoot out. Plan to buy another Ducati or Vespa at Motorcycle Mall."

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  • Mi
      Aug 14, 2019

    This place is a joke they gave someone my tittle and that person is registered under my bike and I am registered under theirs.. what kind of mistake is that cant wait until they get the complaint from the DMV... so now I cant sell the bike I cant ride the bike its just sitting here collecting dust and when I called for them to help me the DMV clerk said there is nothing they can do for me. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS DEALER!!!

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