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Sunny Sports Inccounterfreit

I had purchase 2 of 150cc scooter from sunny sports inc. But they are not legal to put on the street . As my Department of transportation documentation. These 2 scooter MCO Vin# do not match their Manufacturer's decoding documentation maintain by NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFTY ADMINISTRATION. I try to contact them but they won't do anything to fix it. They do not support their product. They are bad business . I did file a complain with LA BBB. They response back and said they already corrected .They are a lier to their own teeth. My big concern is why they still in business when they do not support their warranty, Bad and illegal chinese scooter came to USA. Consumer hurting. Some body need to put them out of business and send their scooter back to china

Sunny Sports Incscam

On 18 march 2011 we ordered one gokart model Gk-K110FS and one motorcycle model DB-200C off road or highway use bike we made payment in full.we did get them
within 10 days.We have been trying to get the title for the motorcycle so we can register it and get tags for
it so we could save gas i have sent them alot of emails and have call them alot of times just to be put on
hold for over a hour each time then get disconnected quite a few times.when i do get to talk to a person
they tell me i would have it within 3 to 5 days well it is going on 4 months.That is about the motorcycle.Here
is the gokart well after the first hour of my son riding it the the engine went out call them guess what no
help so i had to but another engine for it.Then my son was riding it and the right real wheel ripped off the
lug nuts of the gokart and he was riding it on a level road.thank god he was not hurt something need to be
done about these people.look i dont have alot of money or pull so if you guys at the BBB can help me
please help thanks.

his is off there website i have done everything it has said to do.

All documents for every street legal vehicle are usually sent in the mail 2 to 4 days after the scooter is shipped. Please note, we do not mail your MSO and Bill of Sales alone with your scooter, there is a possibility of receiving your registration information before you even receive your vehicle, since the LTL trucking company usually has longer transit time frame compares to first class mail service. We request each customer to confirm your VIN by email if you do not receive your registration documentations 7 business days after receiving your street legal scooter or motorcycle. To confirm: simply send an email to [protected] include your order number and VIN in the subject or the body. We have one of our professional title representatives to process your title request immediately. MSO request generally requires 3-5 business days to process, and it is FREE of charge. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique 17 digit number. The VIN can be found on the outside of the shipping carton or on the scooter itself. You may also contact our MSO department representatives directly at [protected].


Sunny Sports Inc

Sunny Sports IncOrdered a product and they did not ship it to me

I bought a go kart from this company in early december for my grandon to have for chrismas. The total purchase was $1167..the order was supposed to ship to me 3 days after i bought it and 5-7 business days after since im in CT..funny part is that i got a call on 12/16/10 from Bully saying that they would deliver to me on 12/17 between 12-3om. I waited and one showed up..i called them and their customer service line told me that Sunny Sports/Scooter Depot has an accounting issue and all shipments are on hold until it is resolved. I was in awe to hear that they do not pay their bills and my shipment wouldnt be delivered to me. I immediately called Sunny Sports and demanded my refund 2 days later being 12/19/10. it was 1/3/11 and STILL NO REFUND!!!...these people ripped me off..i got my credit card statement for the charge and my credit card company charged me interest on the purchase...they finally gave me my refund on 1/8/11 but took them 1 month to give me my money..these people are crooks and should be closed down..anyone who reads this..please think about it before buying from a company that doesnt pay their shipping bills..they just want your money, hang on to it as much time as they can and run with it if they could get away with it..I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER IN MY LIFE buy from this company again and i hope this complaint can make you reconsider keeping these people in businesss or not

Sunny Sports IncGokart Scooter

Consumers - Please contact the CA State Attorney General for Consumer Fraud - my case is being investigate by Mr. Zinzun and Ms. Adrian Javier. They have more than 50+ documents/evidence against them from me. They are aware of this website to include the Better Business Bureau that have over 200 complaints not answered by Sunny Sports Inc and all of their Alisases companies. Together we can raise enough Consumers Complaints in order to show how fraudulent this company is – they won’t even address the Better Business Bureau. They will have to answer to the pending complaint with the Attorney General if enough people complain. I am the “spear” just need enough ripped off/angry consumers to be the “spear” against this company(ies):
State of California
Dept of Justice/Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Attn: Mr. Lupe Zinzun or Ms. Adriana Javier
Sacaramento, CA [protected]

Sunny Sports inc: President – Ms. Lei Lu Vice Pres: Ms. Amy Barnes
AKA: Global Marketing Analysis Inc, and others aliases

Bought a Gokart from them in Feb 10 for my son's 11 year old b-day. They knew all of my son's details. They stated the gokart they sold was perfect. The gokart is suppose to carry up to 400 lbs and 2 seater. I later was told by them the persons can not be taller than 48 inches but the Gokart has a plate riveted that no one under 16 years old can drive it. I guess only midgets older than 16 years old and under 4 feet can drive. Totally misrepresented. Thank God I used my VISA. My bank has all evidence and refunded my $1, 167.00 within 2 days. I have filed back in Feb 10 a complaint with my local police department. My attorney has contacted them but seems that NO ONE, to include Ms. Amy Barnes, wants to sign their name to any documents – probably aware their signature will be used against them in a court of law.
Well, I got back all of my money from my bank AND I still have the gokart. I suspect they want the GoKart back because they will try (it will not happen with me – I fight back legally) and impose about a $700.00 return policy they have (impossible to comply for an honest consumer if you read it).
I have filed a Small Claims Lawsuit and awaiting for them to come to court on 8 June 2010 in Kentucky. A consumer can legally do that even though they are in California. Ms. Barnes threatened me with their attorney (yeah, right! ). My attorney has contacted them in writing. Don’t feel threatened by them if you are not in California – know the law about internet commerce. They HAVE to file a lawsuit in YOUR state and NOT in California where their company is based from.
Put in the California Better Business Bureau their name/address and you will see the hundreds of complaints against them! Not being libel or slander – just informing the public on this company’s business ethics/dealings. Good luck!! Angry US Army Retired Soldier in Kentucky.

Sunny Sports IncI bought a scooter & 2 helmets on 5/22/09 & still haven't received scooter registration or 1 of the helmets.

Be aware from: Sunny Sports, New Star Marketing Group, Inc they have many web sites,, and is what I found.
On 05/22/09 I paid Sunny Sports $1783, 11 for 1 Scooter, 2 helmets and vehicle registration fee. Their promise was to do the registration at DMV, for the fee of course, and that I would get the papers one week later. I received the scooter on 05/26/09 and 1 helmet a couple of weeks later - which was a different helmet than the one I originally ordered. After various emails and telephone calls, I still have not received the registration papers (which I have paid for) nor the MSO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) and the Bill of Sale which must be signed by the authorized person. So, I have a scooter in my garage which I cannot use and a $1783, 11 charge on my credit card for something I still have not been able to use because Sunny Sports has not sent me the above mentioned documentation needed to register the scooter at DMV. They also charged me a fee to register the vehicle at DMV and still have not done so. In an email they confirmed that the documentation was sent but all we received was 1 helmet. Then one week later they also confirmed that it was going to be sent out. I requested a tracking number and never got it. Today my wife called and she got the “run-around” as well. The time they put her on hold was as long as it took her to walk 4 blocks from work to the parking, then the 10 mile drive home. When they finally got to her, the responsible person for documents had gone home.

  • Jo
    john buchanan May 08, 2010

    I would like to make a comment on all this..i too purchased a $2400 vehicle from this company and also paid registration for it. It's odd that you were put on hold for so long? when i bought it i was told i have to provide the engine # and my driver's license number..i had a hard time finding the engine # and that caused my documents to be delayed. When i finally submitted what they needed, within 2 days i got my temporary registration and 2 weeks later my plates & tags. I was never put on hold for long periods of time sad for you if you say you were..another thing..i did not purchase a helmet but it was offered to me for free..of course it is FREE if i wanted a certain color it was explained to me i had to wait for it to become available. If you were made aware it was not available when you bought it and you told them you were willing to wait..that's your fault..also..when they sent me the helmet..UPS damaged and lost it..i was able to file a claim against UPS for lost and damaged helmet..even though i didn't pay for it..i was reimbursed $59. UPS does loose packages all the me.i work for UPS location in Baldwin Park, CA and i see how these packages are handled. I guess all i can say is that seems like you had bad luck with your order but i found that my attitude had alot to do with how great i was gonna be treated. I went to their location in CHINO and experienced the MSO lady (ivy) get threatened to be hurt by a customer that wanted to buy something that was not in stock...I had a pleasant experience buying the moped from them..any problems with my moped..i simply bring it in and they take care of it..thanks to their mechanics, Fausto, John..thanks to Ivy for sending my registration documents...mary for making sure UPS reimbursed me on the damaged helmet...I would buy from them again..they take care of the issue every time

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  • Ri
    RICH-IN-HOUSTON-TEXAS Oct 13, 2010

    I just learned about this company complaint from this site because I was being told that my item would be shipped on Tuesday (by Mary-she just like to lies alot). I had prepared all the necessary paperworks to make sure that my item would be shipped ontime for a birthday to my best friend. To my understanding on Monday when I had called -they told me that the paperworks are in place -Mary claimed today(Wednesday-Oct 13) that she didn't see the changes in the paperwork so my order got delay. Jason -is another liar in the organization when he told me that he has no manager to tell him what to do. My friend ordered was received today and he told me that the scooter tailgate is damaged. I told him that he should call them to see if they would do anything for him. They told him that he needed to take some pictures of the damaged -let us see what lies will they comes up. If I get my scooter for my best friend's birthday on time would be a miracle since I cannot see this company make on their words it would be shipped out on time for my best friend birthday. At the beginning I had called to ask on how long it would take to receive the scooter if I am located in Houston, TX. They told me it would be 5-6 days as well as it is listed on the site at I had placed the order on Oct 8 and requested to ship to another address-which is where my best friend would be located. After I had called in to make sure that my order was done -they told me that I needed to copy an image of the credit card and my driver license. I had done this by scanning it and email it to the order dept-so on Monday I had called in to make sure that they got the paperwork. After they told me that paperwork was received and I was immediately transferred to shipping department-this is where Mary comes in. She told me that the item would be shipped on Tuesday. As of Wednesday-Oct 13-I called in to make sure that my item was shipped. Mary told me that the order was delay because of the address not done correctly. She even told me another lies that it would be shipped today or Thursday-Oct 14. As I will called again on Thursday to see if my item would be shipped -I am ready to hear another lies from Mary. This company is good at lying to consumer after an order has been placed. PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH SCOOTERDEPOT.US -TOO MANY EMPLOYEES THAT LIES IN THE COMPANY THAT MAKE IT HARD FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER ORDERING THE PRODUCT.

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  • Bo
    Borisimo Oct 06, 2011

    Be very suspicious on comments from the user John Buchanon above. Look at the profile and previous comments. Looks like a fake user trying to lighten the blow of obvious valid complaints. Probably an employee or owner. If so, they should be ashamed for this kind of consumer fraud.

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Sunny Sports IncPoor Quality Product - Poor Service

My experience with this company has been dreadful and I strongly recommend that no one buy anything from them. The following is a list of reasons why:
1. I ordered a silver motor scooter from them on line...I recieved a blue one.
2. I ordered a scooter as it was advertised, with a trunk and a rack to support it...I received neither.
3. When I received it the front brake didn't work and they sent me to a local repair shop to have the brake bled. The mechanic suggested that I order a new brake cylinder from them which they sent, but they would not confirm their willingness to pay for its installation.
4. From the beginning I had tremendous trouble getting the scooter to start. So I had to take it back to the repair shop in my van, where, after taking it completely apart, they discovered the carbuerator was all gumed up and had to be cleaned. Also the battery was so low from futile attempts to start it, they had to charge it and when they attempted to charge it, the battery terminal broke completely off and I had to purchase a new one. In all, I spent $200 dollars of my own money.
5. Here is the biggest kicker of all: I was notified that the State of Pennsylvania will not accept the Certificate of Origin because the numbers don't match up and all such scooters with a serial number starting with L and manufactured in China are not approved for Pennsylvania roads. I can not get a legal title or a legal registration...which means I cannot legally drive it. And since I can't give a potential buyer a legal title, I can't even sell it!!!
6. Repeated calls to the company are a tremendous waste of time. They put you on hole. The person you need to talk to is either on the phone or is out of the office...and they never return the call.
If you want to save yourself a lot of aggravation, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  • I also bought a 300 cc trike. It arrived on time just as advertised, but had some scratches. one pretty bad. We had to change out all the fluids, which we did and installed everything as instructed. It arrived with the cable to the trunk which had the battery, the manual, wind screen, mirrors and other stuff stored inside, not connected and hanging down. We tried but could not connect. Finally we were able to pull on it enough to get it to unlatch so we could get the stuff out. When it started it shook, and vibrated, pulled hard to the right. The screws that held the wind shield on kept working loose. We took it to an authorized warranty place to get it fixed. They determined it was a factory default in the Axel. They tried, we tried, to get the repair authorized, but to no avail. The person we were told we had to speak to was never there, never returned the calls, then the service manager said he would call the repair place and tell them ok, but did not. Finally we paid it out of our pocket $460.00. Because the repair place could not get the parts from Sunny Depot, they had to send the axel out to be machined. They fixed it the best they could. Still shimmys, rattles, but better. Doesn't pull to the right and sound like it is coming apart like it did before. They are quick to take your money but will not stand behind their warranty or even talk to you. They are rude when you call. I will never do business with them again, and recommend to anyone looking to buy don't buy from "Sunny Sports" also known as" Sunny Depot".

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  • Pa
    Paul Pap Jul 07, 2011

    I have been ripped off to, They are going to have to pay for all the bad things they are doing! I think people should take them to court moor. do you know if you take them to small claims court they will have to come to your state. I'm going to take them to court!!!

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  • Pa
    Paul Pap Jul 07, 2011

    Take Them to court!!!

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Sunny Sports Incpart

Bought a scooter from this place and the thing is basically slowly falling apart. They made it seem that everything internal would be covered for up to one year and the cosmetic parts exterior would be 6 months now the plastics cracking just from riding it and its only 300 miles on it. Now it won't start and needs a new cdi they will not warranty says it a 6 month part. How can a warranty be out on a part that controls the bikes ability to run. Im thinking of suing this place for my money back in small claims here in west palm beach and paying the 200 dollars to get there attention. Scooter depot aka sunny sports does not stand behind there products which are going to break down and leave you footing the bill for inferior parts just buy a name brand you save money by spending money I regret buying this scooter was nice while it lasted 300 miles and it no longer works.

  • Ad
    adrian enachioaie Jun 13, 2012

    I had the same problem with them.VERY VERY BAD COMPANY>doesn`t deserve to be in bussines.

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