Motel6 / very outdated room with a lot of disrepair

3210 S. Main street, Harrisonburg, United States

My wife had been driving from upstate ny all day to beat a snow strom. We decided to stay at motel6 for the night, once we got our room #48 we brought in our lugage to rest for the night. The first thing that happened was the light didn't work. We called the desk to have it fixed, he ended up replaceing it with a smaller lamp. Then I went to lock the door for the night and the saftey lock didn't work. Went to the bath room and the door would not stay closed because the latch did not line up with the hole in the door casing. The hot water handle on the one sink was gone so no hot water there. The internet was also very very slow. So we just called it night and chalked it up to experince. If it were me running a bisness like that I would probably make an effort to refund or at least part of the money that was spent on the room. Other than that the place was clean.

Feb 6, 2015

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