Motel 6theft

During my one (supposed to be 2) month stay at the motel 6 in marble falls tx., i discovered the manager had been pocketing some of my cash payments (not the staff)! this lady caused disturbances for me toward the end of my stay, due in part to my investigating the shortages and debating them with her. I soon noticed that several staff members were aware of her several different schemes and were in fear of their for jobs and or permanent residence s at the motel, so no one wanted to bring attention to the matter. After standing my ground, it seemed there were others helping her manipulate within the motel and many people are given comped rooms for aiding in some of the disturbances. The place quickly felt unsafe for my children and me and i cut my losses and checked out. I brought some of the issues to the owners attention and he only seemed to want to defend her, leading me to believe that he could also be a part of the thefts. The main theft i believe is keeping tax rebate $ from residents who are unaware of their compensation after
staying 30 days. Several cash payments were taken from me, i believe to try and cause me to default and leave before my rebate was due. I only missed 3 payments in 30 days but somehow they figured it at 6. When disputing with the manager at one point, she told me the additional money was for late fees that don't exist in the motel.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Marble Falls, TX My early departure ended up costing me a new job and my children were forced to go to a family members home for a few weeks, during the school year. Its unfortunate for those unsuspecting customers like myself and the hard working staff to be taken from and to fear for their employment. There is always a chance i could be wrong about some of my suspicions but i`m certain that money is being taken and that this manager has been in trouble for theft in the past. It would be to see this establishment be audited by almost any agency that has the power to stop the thefts. 1400 ollie ln. Marble falls tx. If u are paying in cash, please get every single receipt. Its worth doing. My visit was from sept 25th through oct 19 2018. I was threatened with violence in front of the manager and she said to take it outside, arguing with me as i was calm. She was upset that i called the police on the unreasonable gentleman. At the begining of my stay, she once offered me a weeks stay to do some personal work at her home, telling me a little about her true character. The owner himself would not roll back the cameras 30min to see who stole my families groceries from the hallway. He did however, order my children a pizza that evening. But, i'm certain that some of the incidences were a way to try and frustrate me, in hopes i would just leave. I stayed in room 309 and my confirmation code was 433abe531 i have a couple of printouts for my payments but they are'nt true to the days and times i paid. There was one police report made. And, if an investigation did prove fraud, i would certainly accept compensation for all my family suffered.

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