Motel 6poor service, attempted ripoff, dirty rooms

S Roswell, NM

1. Billing-initially billed for full duration of stay ($342.67), stayed two nights at quoted rate of $59.99 (7/2/09) and $62.99 (7/3/09). Refunded $204.93 for unused nights on 7/4/09 upon checkout. Received call from Mike Ysassi on 7/4/09 requesting additional approx. $74 due to their help desk stating that we'd been refunded "too much". Called Mike on 7/5/09, then corporate customer relations, verified $204.93 was correct refund amount, and that this amount had been refunded *and* no further transactions would be forthcoming for this stay.
2. Reported following complaints:
a. Poor condition of motel
b. Poor attitude/rudeness of employees, including Mike leaving the phone off the hook for over 4 hours, blocking incoming calls.
c. Multiple problems with nonfunctional keycards, leading to custodian ("Leroy") giving us the master keycard at one point.
d. Poor cleanliness (trash in room that was never removed, existed prior to check-in; bad smell/odors in room and common areas; strong scent of marijuana in hallways.
e. Loud noise unaddressed on night of 7/2/09, lasting into the early morning of 7/3/09.

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