Montecito Plastic Surgery / Breast augmentation

Santa Barbara, CA, United States

I went in to have plastic surgery done. I paid the consultation fee and did the 20 minute consultation. I agreed on the product and service I wanted and scheduled the surgery as required. I put down 3, 000 dollars on 11/4/2016. They then asked for blood tests to be done. I went and had my blood drawn and went to see my personal doctor for review and to submit the results to the plastic surgeon Adam Lowenstein. He did not like my Thyroid level as it was out of range and required me to see my doctor about getting it into a normal range. At this time my doctor said it would take at least 6 weeks to change the levels. This conflicted with my surgery date of 12/22/16 so they cancelled my surgery. After 6 weeks my levels had not changed enough for the surgeon so they wanted me to continue for another 6-7 weeks and test again. We are moving and will not have time to continue this surgery. My complaint is they are withholding 1, 000 dollars of the money I put down. I paid for the consultation fee and have no issue with this, but I did not receive any other product or service from this office. They had 3-4 weeks prior notice on the blood work, and had no trouble filling my spot. I don't feel that they should be able to keep 1, 000 for no product or service rendered. We did not cancel the surgery...they did. We would still do the surgery but they say no.

Jan 10, 2017

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