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I know a lot of people have said good things about over the years. I am the dissenting opinion that this website allows too many scam artists, con men, fraudulent colleges which offer degree mills and doesn't make the effort to delete these websites from their website. It is simply a case of buyer beware when it comes to dealing with job posters.

I am a member of since September and am a recent college graduate. I applied for jobs on this website, preferably within the vicinity of my neighborhood. During the month of October, I received a call back from a company called 'Ad Hoc Advertisement' and another called 'O' Rourke Advertising, ' if either has checked this website they can find out these companies are not what they claim to be and were conducting borderline legal scams. In Ad Hoc's case, they will tell they are an 'aggressive advertising company' that has worked with 'Papa John's' and 'the Oakland A's.' When, in fact, they are selling Winnie the Pooh Encyclopedias titled 'Pooh-Pedias' and door-to-door canvassing selling home improvement.

If a company is as successful as they claim to be, what the f**k are they doing selling Pooh-Pedias for? I also received an unsolicited e-mail from some guy named 'Bryan' telling me about some work-at-home scam, and just this week, I received another phone call from a lady pitching me the idea of an anti-wrinkle cream which 'annihilates aging forever'! All I have to do is go on their website and listen to a 30-minute pitch and I will have to work again!

I have received, in one morning, six--yes, six, calls from a fraudulent degree mill. I never solicited their offers so they got my info from Its time start coming to terms with their website because people will eventually smell the fraudulent postings, the degree mills, and the scams and stop trusting this website as a source for their careers.

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  8th of Jul, 2009
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Absolutely! All I get from having used this board is offers to go back to school. My Masters Degree isn't working for me now, why would I need another one?!? Is there anywhere to go where there are REAL jobs posted for people to apply? It seems every where on the net is filled with fake jobs only meant to get you to go back to school, or get insurance, or refinance your mortgage. SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE!!!

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