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I paid over 170.00 including photo shoot registration fees and a cd witch cost 20.00 extra dollars that they told me it was included. Then the day of the talent contest told me it was an additional 20. I paid it anyways and my son supposedly was the only boy picked out of that competion for a new face 1 year modeling contract. I checked the casting board daily sent out his cards that I paid an additional 140.00 for. I sent these to several companies as well as responded to email address that where left, with his resume and cards . To no avail we didnt get one call back . His contract was good from Dec. o8 to Dec of 09 with possible renewal as long as he got three bookings in that yr. I tried to look for the page and I couldn't find it but did find there myspace page an emailed them still haven't heard a reply. There business should not have tanked due to the economy as they are just advertisers for the people looking to fill this postion it would have been nice to recieve a letter or email of some sort letting us know our contracts weren't valid.
If I don't hear from them soon iI will be filling a complaint with the BBB or possible going to the news channel . I am not made of money
and at the time both my husband and i were laid -off but I made sacrifices for my son to do this 1. because he is georgous 2. he was really into it and enjoyed it 3. hes a big movie buff

I also was disappointed that they didn't have more roles for children
pls contact me if you feel the same way [protected]

Model Productions
Model Productions


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      Jul 15, 2009

    To ipunchbabies, your user name says it all!! U should feel ashamed of yourself to say such a thing about someones child. He is very handsome and has hope and dreams and as a child is trying to pursue those dreams. U just need to SHUT UP!!!

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      Dec 04, 2009

    My 16 year son went to the audition last night, and placed. I am SO MAD that I did not realize that it was a scam before I paid the first $50! They ARE NOT about to get the other $100! They are vultures, and I am so MAD at myself for not researching this company first! NO WEBSITE? What in the hell? What a joke!

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      Dec 24, 2009

    OMG YOU STUPID IDIOTS. There IS a website, just not under American Mall Model Search, but under Model Productions. And lady, your son didn't make. so what. Just because you had to pay a couple hundred (AND NOT UPFRONT- if they demand money upfront then its a scam) doesn't mean it's a scam. IT IS NOT A SCAM. People just go to your auditions, it is a good modeling + talent agency. Most agencies have you paying thousands of dollars to get your pics and stuff done.

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      Jan 09, 2010

    Don't feel bad about not getting bookings with this company. They are what's known as a photo mill. They make money selling people expensive 'portfolios' and probably have never gotten any aspiring model a job, ever, because that's not what their business is.

    A legitimate modeling agency makes money by taking a small percentage off the money their models are paid by their clients. Photo mills have no real incentive to get you bookings since you've already paid them yourself.

    By the way, those who are trying to break into modeling do not need portfolios. Portfolios are built up as a modeling career progresses. Check any large city near you for modeling agencies and they will either tell you to bring your son to an open call and/or send a few snapshots you've taken yourself. Either way, it should never cost you a thing and please don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

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      Jan 25, 2010

    I too got scamed. Just yesterday I took my daughter to this open call and they wanted the three payments of 50.00 dollars. I should of known this was a scam because not to be mean half the kids looked homely and the adults had pimples on the face. So I will be calling my bank to stop payment on this 50 bucks THIS IS A SCAM!!! PLEASE BEWARE!!! They travel around ripping people off, and because you pay for your photos thats how they get away with it. YOU BUILD A PORTFOLIO AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN MODLING FOR AWHILE BIG RED FLAG FOR ME .

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  • W
      Mar 25, 2010

    wow i went on model production which is supposed to be who the contract is with and when I did you can click on every venue except "Book a model" some type of error came on. Wow how ironic...
    Well they just contacted me about my son and it's obviously a scam. And they are not getting any more money from my husband's pockets.

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      Jun 19, 2010

    I was skeptical about bringing my 2 year old daughter to this audition. But a lot of people come to me on a daily basis telling me she has potential so I did it anyway. Her audition was yesterday (6.18.10). I paid the first $50. A friend of mine who went through the same process, told me the photos were emailed to her and she had to print them herself and she had to pay a fee to print them. WOW.. Isn't the portfolio supposed to be printed and handed to you? Im no expert in this field, but something is most definately going on. As for her photo shoot booked for Tues, I will attend but before any further money is released, I will be asking how the photos will be relinquished to me. The so called "director" of the mall search's name is Nick. No last name! Just Nick! If anyone else has questions, I got his email. Let's see if anyone else gets a response because so far, I haven't. [protected] Oh, if anyone else has recieved that booklet that has the pricing and everything, when you open the booklet, where it says What Is The AMMS?, The blond guy with blue eyes, that's Nick..

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      Oct 08, 2010 try this website its connected to model productions as well

    Model Productions . 12801 West Sunrise Blvd. . Sunrise, FL 33323 .

    Atlanta 770.751.0500 .
    Miami 305.395.3152 .
    Los Angeles 310.860.6482

    Good luck :D

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  • J
      Nov 03, 2010

    im sorry for your problem but ive been in movies, commercials, and modeling shoots ever since i got my modeling contract
    ive only started my contract about 2 months ago and i have been doing all this stuff 24/7
    maybe your soon wasnt good enough or maybe they got someone else for the spot...


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  • N
      Nov 20, 2010

    Either way, it is a scam. If they do not let anyone know before the auditions that they will have to be paying a fee afterwards then heck yes, it is not a legitimate company. They are also not in the listings of the Better Business Bureau. Doesn't this seem all too fishy? I think so. People may choose to believe what they want but in the end is it really worth it?

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  • J
      Nov 21, 2010

    It is worth it. it is not a scam. you [censor]es are just to winey and little babies. there is only a fee for the head shots and nothing else. yeah and no [censor] there gunna make you pay because who the [censor] would just give you free head shots?? no one!!!
    grow up and stop being such a winey [censor] [censor]ing baby!!!

    --sincerely josh

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  • J
      Nov 21, 2010

    i agree with ^^

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  •   Feb 25, 2011

    My cousin has supposedly signed as a model/actor through model production usa and I believe that model production usa is a scam and are really getting peoples hopes up that they would either become either a model and or an actor when in reality they are getting screwed and do not even know it. So my best advice to everyone who tries to join model productions usa, don't because it is fake and a scam. Model Productions USA is NOT even listed with the Better Business Bareau and if they were real then they would be listed with the Better Business Bareau. So as I have said my advice to whomever joins Model Productions USA before doing so do your research.

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      Mar 09, 2011

    They are listed with the BBB... check here:
    Pretty darn good record, I might add. To be in business for as many years as they have, and only have that few complaints, especially considering the number of contestants they go through at any given time.

    My daughter and I are both contestants, having made it past our audition. And not everyone makes it past the audition. It's how well YOU do, not how well everyone else does. Do you have the charisma to perform in front of others? Are you photogenic? Are you willing to do what it takes? Enough said.

    Modeling / acting takes a certain personality, one has to come across confident, regardless of flaws or mistakes. I saw many people who couldn't get the script, but said something at least, and said it with confidence, not stage fright. That is what they are looking for. This is meant to be fun, enjoy it, relax, and have fun. If they weren't legit, the feds would have shut them down years ago or they would have disappeared off the planet.

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