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Midwest Auto Recycling / Fraud!

2100A E. College Ave.Cudahy, WI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 414-764 1635
I am also a victim to these people as well... Not as bad as others but still have felt the wrath... I want to start by saying I'm sure they are going to read this and thats fine... If they didn't do anything wrong then why would they be checking this site?... I'm not here to sit and complain about my story... I'm here to get results... Lets get all the people that have had problems with them together and contact the 'right' people and get something going... If you've already contacted the 'right' people then please post a reply as to what type of results that you have had... and whom you have contacted so that we can avoid as much red tape as possible... If you know someone that has already dealt with this then please refer them to here as well... Lets stop messing around and get something done... Thank you...


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  10th of Mar, 2008
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What kind of problems have been had with this company? Please inform me to avoid bad business
  21st of Mar, 2008
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These people are crooks and liars. Everyone in the company is in on it. Wisconsin should do something about these people. Or is there no law in this state.
  21st of Mar, 2008
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Midwest Auto Recycling
2100A E. College Ave.
Cudahy, Wisconsin
United States
Phone: 414-764 1635

The owner is the worst of all. He will steal your money.
  6th of Jun, 2008
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I live abroad US and ordered an engine from them in December 2007. I was trying to get the tracking number from them for a while, but no luck. -"Call me back" was the repeated answer. I finally got one, but wrong number. I had to go through the shipping agent to track it. The engine came in the end, but only 80% complete. I also had to ask for receipt a few times.

So stay away from them!
What a shame...
  3rd of Nov, 2008
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I ordered a transmission and it took a month to get it. And then it was defective. They said they would credit me and said they did not want the transmission back because shipping it would be a waste of money. I was told that refunds were issued at the end of the month. I waited and called them (Al is the name of the guy). Every time you call for someone there, they are at lunch or out somewhere. This is a common stall they used EVERY time I called. So then Al says now they want the transmission back, almost a month after they told me they didn't want it! OF course I don't have it. They really put the screws to ya, and I have the tape recorded phone calls to prove it!
  13th of Jan, 2009
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This company is horrible. They promised an engine with everything on it but it came striped. They took the $400 distributor out so I had to replace that. They told me it would ship in a week but took well over a month. The check engine light came on after about 150 miles and engine had a horrible sound at high RPM's. What a scam...wish I did my home work.
  28th of Apr, 2009
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I bought a defective engine from them. I didn't do my homework. I am wondering what I can do...

They continue the stall tactics, i.e. not available, will call you back, nothing
  5th of Jun, 2009
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this company is horrible and they wont talk . they hang up on me... ordered a motor with supercharger and it came striped ..nothing on it ..i was lied to. wasted my good earned money .what can i do?
  5th of Jun, 2009
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This company is horrible. They promised an engine with everything on it but it came striped. dale was the person i was dealing with, he was a smart ### to me and my ex . this was for our sons car...he said u got what u ordered and i said no i did not. what can i do ? i am out 1245.00 for a striped motor...if send him another 500.00 he will send to me the rest of the parts thats goes with it in the first place ...help someone...we were ripped off...
  30th of Jun, 2009
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Very dishonest organization... I ordered and paid for an engine last week of May, 2009. By June 26th it had still not been shipped. I called and canceled June 26. I told three of their people I was taking my business elsewhere, canceling the purchase, and wanted full credit. They shipped it anyway. I refused it and Midwest says, "You owe us $1050 for shipping and restocking."
I am disputing the charge with Visa.

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