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Midas auto / engine repair

1 3538 Kingshighway Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, United States
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On Nov 21, 2018 I had my non-running vehicle towed to my local Midas to be repaired. Upon diagnosis, I was told I needed a new engine, but that Midas couldn't find one at a reasonable price. I purchased one on my own, and had it delivered to Midas on Dec 6. I was told, with ~2 days of labor, I should have my car back.

Every week after that, something would come up... an employee would be off... someone wouldn't show up... Christmas... and the date-of-completion would be pushed back. My vehicle sat in the same spot out on the Midas lot that I had it towed into through the whole of Dec... I would drive past and see it there, and also see all of the cars/customers who were being serviced in my stead.

I was called into Midas on Jan 3 to be told that my car had been broken into, ransacked, and the $600 radio stolen - but because 'it hadn't been pulled into the bay overnight, Midas insurance wouldn't cover it'.

Jan 8 I was told the engine was in, but that my car still wouldn't run, so they would replace the exhaust manifold.

Jan 10 I was told the manifold was installed, but the car still woudn't run, so they needed to replace the fuel pump.

Jan 11 I was told the car was ready to pick up so come in and settle up my tab to the tune of $3500.

Jan 12 I go in to discuss the situation with the store: I explained that, while I understood that bad luck happens sometimes and I had no hard feelings toward Midas, that I'd had to rent a vehicle for an extra 5 weeks solely because of Midas' issues and that I wasn't willing to pay twice, both the rental place AND Midas. In addition, because MY car repair was a low-priority job to them (their business, not my concern) that I wanted to just be made whole. I wanted for Midas to cover the repair bill and replace my missing radio.

I was told that I was being unreasonable, and that they couldn't stiff their mechanics, that they had brought someone in on a Sunday to work on my car, and that they assumed I had multiple cars to drive and so they didn't think they needed to fix my vehicle in a timely manner. So there was no way they would do more than take $1000 off of my bill.

When I told the owner Carl that this was unfortunately unacceptable and that I would have to escalate this issue (even though I didn't want to and I'd have much rather just handled this all in-house and leave Midas a great review stating that 'even though the experience left a lot to be desired, Midas cares about their customers and made it right', Carl told me he would get a mechanic's lien on my vehicle and get it impounded and 'you do what you have to do'.

tl:dr I am very disappointed in my recent ongoing Midas experience and am reaching out to legal counsel to start action.

  • Hey there Ja, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're sorry you left feeling dissatisfied with your experience. We'd love to talk to you more regarding this. Please send us a direct message at your earliest convenience through Thanks.

Jan 20, 2019

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