Michaels Storespotential seriously dangerous corp policy I was told while shopping

Do Dec 05, 2018 Harwood Heights, IL

Attn:all district managers & above! Store #1044, I believe my receipt # is 2854757. I understand your policy at closing for the day is… you make no announcement to the shoppers that your store is closing! I held up the entire staff not realizing the store was close and worse yet the manager had no clue I was roaming around. This policy is extremely dangerous an out right stupid! To keep everyone safe and aware I highly recommend all stores to announce a closing time to the customers. You have left your self wide open for many scenarios that could absolutely perhaps cost someone their life. I don't want to be that person in harms way further omg think of your wonderful dedicated employees. I'm running out of space to give you any scenarios of possibilities by the stupidity and judgment call and your corporate office making a policy that any of your stores cannot announce it will be closing at…. I am so upset and have worked with the public my entire life and have never seen a more stupid policy in my entire life. I would definitely stop shopping with michael's if this policy does not change and you can be sure I will share this policy of yours. It's ridiculous. By the way your manager and are incredible patients plus suggestive sell you should respect and provide them with safety at all times. Feel free to contact me because I have a feeling this is going to go through nor do I think I can carbon copy this to the store so the manager can see that I follow through because I was put in a ridiculous situation. Donna shroyer chicago illinois

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