Menardsutter incompetence

Ry Dec 24, 2014 Clive, IA

Online ordering nightmares. In the past few months, my online orders have been (A) lost (B) canceled without notifying me (C) notified me that they are available for pickup... when they are not (D) told they were canceled and refunded... when they were not.

The staff are friendly and trying - but their systems and processes are stuck in 1970.

EDIT: it gets worse. They finally issued a refund for an online order - to the " inter-department code". I went back to the store and they told me there was nothing they could do, and that I could either "email or dispute it with my credit card company".

Seriously I have never dealt with such incompetence, lack of accountability, and lack of empowerment EVER in retail. The management of Menards should be taken out back and flogged with a 2x4.

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