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Melissa Basinger


Do Not Trust This Breeder

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Posh Puppies
United States
Very heartbreaking! Do not trust what's advertised or stated.Ms. Basinger cancelled sales agreement contract within 24 hours of scheduled pick up of puppy. Ms. Basinger stated she had “serious concerns wether or not you will be financially able to provide for this puppy". This was a result of my request that the puppy’s immunizations be updated according to the promise of “current vaccinations” in the advertisement & per the website’s stated " strict vaccination & worming schedule". Ms. Basinger contended that once I had paid the deposit for this puppy it’s healthcare was my financial responsibility not hers. I disagreed & voiced my opinion that it was the seller’s responsibility to provide updated vaccinations according to statements per advertisement & website & per the date of ready agreed upon. As a result, Ms. Basinger refunded my deposit effectively cancelling the agreed upon contract within 24 hours of picking up puppy.
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N  28th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I think it was a blessing on your part. Just a couple weeks ago my husband and I were wanting to drive over and pick up a male and female shihpoo from her for our 9yr. old son. I emailed her and asked her about Brutus and Sophie, and told her I would get back to her within an hour. She said no problem. My husband called her to advise her of our traveling plans and tell her which two we wanted for sure, and she sold Sophie right out from under us. No apology or anything. Still we were willing to go pick up Brutus. She was completely uninterested in making the sale for some reason. Said her daughter had a birthday party that Sat. morning and the only way she'd make the sale was in a Mcdonald's parking lot. I asked her if any of her customers ever wanted to see the parents of these puppies as we did...and she then went on to tell me that she never lets anyone come to her home because that was a privacy issue for her. She basically ratted on herself at the end of our conversation and said that she didn't allow people to come to her home because the next thing she knows ABC news will be knocking on her door asking about her puppy mill...and that nobody would understand unless they were breeders. I have been watching her website and I believe she is nothing but a puppy mill now. There were several red flags to me that something was wrong. I wouldn't buy from her. Ever.
D  4th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
If i am asked to hold a puppy for a client past the age of ready which is usually 8 weeks of age then i am basicly boarding a puppy and any vaccinations are the responsibility of the clients. If a puppy is not ready to be released then i will assume responsibility for vaccinations. I provided the first vaccination for juanitas puppy at six weeks of age. The puppy was ready to go at eight weeks but she did not want to come and pick her puppy
up until it was nine weeks old and she expected me to provide the nine week vaccination at my expense. I guess i could have kept her puppy until it was old enough to have had all the puppy shots at my expense. I refunded her the deposits because i had concerns for the welfare of the puppy. My first priority will always be my puppies.

N  4th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
The first complaint I have to agree with Ms. Basinger. A puppy is ready to go to it's new family typically around 7-8 weeks, depending on the opinion of the breeder. Once you have commited to purchasing the puppy, you are responsible for all vaccinations that need to take place after the breeder says the puppy is ready to be picked up. You can't commit to buying a puppy and then not pick it up for weeks and expect the breeder to fund the vaccinations out of their own pocket.

The second complaint concerns me. She would only sell you the puppy at the McDonald's parking lot? Refuses to let buyers view her operation and parents of the puppies? That screams puppy mill. If any of those allegations are true, you should definitely report her to the Humane Society and your local police station. If a breeder won't let you view their operation, it's probably because there are things there they don't want you to see.
D  9th of Apr, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Now in response to the second complaint. No i do not let strangers who contact me online come to my home. I have small children and i live very rural. It is not a matter of hiding anything it is a matter of safety and what i am comfortable with. My husband works alot and is often not home during the hours that clients would want to come and pick up their puppies. I offered to meet Elane at McDonalds because my daughter had a ball game that morning and i thought it was a convient place. Elane took everything i said way out of context. When she contacted me about the puppies she was interested in I asked her if she would like to put a deposit down on the puppies. She said she would need to speak with her husband. I sold the puppy to another client before she contacted me back and she was upset. I can only hold a puppy with a secure deposit. Just because a breeder is not comfortable with letting strangers come to their home does not make them a puppymill. This term is used incorrectly by so many people. Puppymill is a term to describe a filthy noncaring breeder cares nothing for the dogs. A puppymill breeder does not care who they sell a puppy to. They offer no kind of guarantee on the puppies they sell. The do not try to work with a client once a puppy is sold. They do not post instructions on thier website concerning the next 48 hours once a puppy is sold because they do not care about the next 48 hours. I found this board by accident and i am defending myself when i have done nothing wrong. It is heartbreaking to know that people will attack other people without just cause. If these complaints were in regards to the welfare of the puppies health or if they were more than just blind accusations then they are justifiable but this is nothing more than a witch hunt. Now here are three types of people who unjustly will attack someone and go so far as to actually make unfounded false accusations online. Is it any wonder that breeders are reluctant to let strangers come to thier home. You never know what kind of nut job you are dealing with. Please visit my website www.poshpuppylove.com and after reviewing my site if you feel i am a puppymill then please call me. Thank you
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Ok, I don't mean to stir the honey pot, but:

"it is a matter of safety and what i am comfortable with"

Why would you sell a puppy to someone you're not comfortable having in your house? Reputable breeders actually care where their puppies go and screen their buyers. By your own admission, "You never know what kind of nut job you are dealing with". You should figure out what kind of nut job you're dealing with before you hand over an innocent life to them.

I agree that the term "puppy mill" is overused. There is a gray area between reputable breeder and puppy mill that most breeders fall into. This is the area that dogs are bred specifically for financial gain. While they're not technically puppy mills, the dogs end up being treated more like cash cows and less like loving family members and consequently, their living conditions may not be horrible, but they're less than ideal for a dog's life.

Anyone buying puppies should do some web searching for "puppy buying tips". There are plenty of sites that explain what red flags to watch for when selecting a breeder. If I was a breeder, I would check that myself and evaluate any red flags I may have.
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
If you didn't mean to stir the honey pot then why did you comment on somthing you know nothing about. You do not know me and to go as far as to tell someone to call the police on me. Are you serious? Who are you and what kind of person says things like that. I am sorry screening a client over the phone or thru email does not constitute enough trust that i am willing to open my home to them. People can say what they want and it is not feasible nor realistic for me to hop on a plane and interview a client in person before i agree to sell them a puppy. Do you have any suggestions on how i may improve my screening process because you seem to be such an expert on how reputable breeders should do things. I guess only reputable breeders can go that extra mile is that what you are saying? A few years ago a young girl only 14 years old in a small rural town (Greenbrier Arkansas) just like mine less than 30 minutes from where i live was kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then murdered by someone who contacted her online. Guess what she had put her trust in him. You can see it however you want and it does not matter to me how you look at it. My family comes first always. I am an RN and i have had a ring side seat to tragedy and what people are capable of doing. My reasons are my reasons and i feel that i have justified them enough.. On one last note There is a leap of faith that a breeder who sells online must take when approving a forever home for a puppy they sell. Yes they hope that things are as they appear to be but honestly how much trust can be establish thru phone conversations. Anyone with any sense can understand that. Yes i will turn a family away if i have my doughts and i do screen my clients the best i can. I do care about where my pups go and i always have their best interest at heart. I care about my family more. The day i turn my HOME into a pet store or a petting zoo will be the day i put a sign in my yard saying "OPEN TO THE PUBLIC"
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Hello Jon. I heard you have this fascination of some fictional character from the NBC sitcom (The Office) Bob Vance from Vance refrigeration.
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I told someone to call the police on you if the extremely suspicious things they were saying are true. I didn't personally say you are or are not anything. I said the things they're claiming scream puppy mill (and they do, look it up). If someone told me they heard a gunshot from the neighbor's house, I would tell them to call the police. That doesn't mean I'm accusing their neighbors of murder. Calm down.

I understand your concern about letting strangers in your house, believe me I do, but you are breeding puppies. It's the line of work you chose to get into. It's a completely reasonable request from a potential customer to see the conditions the puppy has been growing up in and to view the parent's size, temperment, etc. I realize when you bought your puppies, you probably had no problem buying them out of a McDonald's parking lot, but most people want a little more professionalism in choosing their next family member. You honestly can't blame them for that, can you? Seriously?

A reputable breeder does genetic screening so things like disease and deformaties do not get passed down, they only breed one or two breeds, they are happy to let you view their puppy's parents and living quarters, they screen their customers in person and have an application process their customers must go through, they never ever ship their puppies, and their dogs live in ideal conditions. If most of those things don't apply to you, you are most likely not a reputable breeder. You're a lady with unsterilized dogs and a bunch of cages.

What makes me an expert? I'm not. I did buy a puppy several months ago and I read many articles that were written by experts on selecting a breeder/puppy. Just going by what you have written (not the complaints about you) there are enough red flags that any expert would quickly recommend not buying from you. That's not my opinion, that's a fact.
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by    -1 Votes
If you have any questions or concerns about me, my policies or my dogs please contact me directly. Thank you
D  24th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Bought a Bichon Frise from Missy has today. I had never met her, talked on the phone yesterday. Read these comments and thought??? However, I went to her house, saw her puppies, and was very impressed! She is NOT a puppy mill, everything was top of the line and obviously had well loved puppies. Just wanted to share eye witness comment to reassure anyone who might have questions. WandaC
D  22nd of Jul, 2012 by    +2 Votes
sad person didn't get pup BUT if they have enough time to bash someone on this site then they have time to look for another breeder. personally, Ms. Basinger was the only one of 4 that i contacted that responded to my every question and called when i asked her to call, answered when i called or called me back relatively quickly. Like the man said, you got your money back, shame on you for bashing people! i bet you don't even wave to folks that let you in front of them on the road. Maybe you need to get a hobby, go to church more. Life is too short to post on the internet when YOU FEEL you're having a bad day! Let's give more thanks and praise for what is going on good in life than to focus so much on "your idea" of the negative. I've had a 150% positive experience with this breeder and would recommend her to ANYONE and EVERYONE i know.
N  10th of Aug, 2012 by    +3 Votes
I bought a puppy from this breeder and my puppy had a lot of problems the first few months we had him. Plus some deformities that she did not mention to me. It was my fault for not noticing them when I bought him, but I could not tell that from the picture and it was late at night when I picked him up. The vet told me that his health problems were probably a result of dirty puppy mill conditions or having way too many puppies. I cannot verify or deny that since I never saw the conditions he was raised. The vet bills cost me a lot of money, but we love him so much that we just wanted him to get healthy. I have to say that his temperament is great and now that we made him all healthy he seems to be doing good. This is my personal experience with buying a dog from her.
I will not go back and purchase another dog from this lady.
N  15th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I called to inquire about a brown female yorkie poo named jasmine on a saturday, told melissa I wanted the pup, she asked me to email her some info via her website which I did, but I never heard back from her on sunday as she stated. I called her again monday morning, and she said she was off to the vet to get jasmine's shots so she could ship her out on wed. I asked her if she could send me some recent photos with jasmine and a white piece of paper in the shot with my name on it so that I know the photos were recent, and I asked her to send me a paypal request for the money. Come 7pm I hadn't gotten the pics, a call or the request for the money, so I emailed her again. She responded after 10pm... With 2 photos (none with the paper with my name in them) and I still hadn't gotten the paypal request... What I did get was an email saying that she could not afford to pay the vet bills and put them in my name until I paid for the dog, and that she had booked the flight though and if I wanted the pup I needed to make a payment by 9am in the morning ... I told her if she couldn't send me a pic with my name in it I'd have to pass... She responded rudely by saying "I can't believe this" well that's ok I have another lady who wants her anyways ... I already sent her the pics and told her she could have the pup... When I offered her another suggestion ... She said too late I already told the other lady she could have the pup... Very unprofessional, and very rude ... For no apparent reason at all ...
N  15th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
This is how melissa talks to her customers, when all I asked was for some photos taken of the dog I was buying with a white piece of paper with my name on it in the frame, as the tips on the puppy site suggest: "My son is in the bed now!!!   If i was going to just send you a random photo that i already had don't you think i would have gotten it to you earlier like this morning when you first asked.  The reason i was not able to send a photo untill 8pm was because i did not take it until he got home from school today and then my daughters came to visit brought dinner and we ate and i just got down to the computer.  These are her current photos what you wanted to see was what she looks like as of now and that is what i sent.  I have already emailed the other lady and told her that she could have her.  If she decides not to take her i will let you know and i will have my husband help me with another photo.  It will be next week before i will be able to ship her if the other family decides not to get her as i will not have time to get her vet checked if i miss her appointment in the morning. 
N  15th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Here is melissa's email that came after 10pm... Mind u I spoke to her at 9am and she told me she was headed to the vet... Now in this email she didn't go, and is asking me for money by 9am the next day, and I hadn't even been invoiced yet: " Sorry for the delay.  I was not available to take photos today so had to wait until this evening.  I did not take her to the vet this morning because i had not been paid for her and i cannot afford to get all the health papers made out in a clients name unless i know for sure they are getting the puppy.  I will have to take her tomorrow but will need payment before i leave in the am around 9:00.  I do understand about wanting to see photos i was just not able to get any until late today.  I did get a flight booked on delta airlines flight # 1776 arrives into atlanta at 3:23pm on the 17th." -- I guess she couldn't pay for shots, but somehow booked the pups flight...  
D  16th of Oct, 2012 by    -1 Votes
First of all i would like to start this post off by apologizing to whom ever wrote the post in the name of Iovemyfamily. I have no idea who this person is or what puppy she recieved from me. To my knowledge i have not been contacted personally by the person. I was not given the opportunity to discuss her puppy with her or even address the issues she is saying her puppy had. To whom ever you are i apologize and please contact me as i would like to discuss this with you further. Thank you
D  16th of Oct, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I hate these blogs. They are very harmful and disturbing. Things get lost in translation and a one sided story can be painted however you want it to be. This is an apology to Curtis if i came across as rude or unprofessional. There was alot of misunderstandings between me and Curtis as the emails he was recieving from me were not being opened in the proper order. I will attach the last email i wrote to Curtis this morning trying to explain my policy and procedure and exactly what had happened. I have since spoke to Curtis over the phone and the miscommunications have been worked out. He told me he was going to take the comments off this blog but i guess he could not. I was hoping he would at least let everyone know what had happened once everything was ironed out. Here is my last email to Curtis
"That is just it Curtis I booked a flight for you I then sent a invoice to you that ihad no idea did not go thru until you told me later that night. I then had to leave for the day. Came home had my son hold the puppy so i could take some photos. Was having a real hard time making the paper stand up so just took it out of the photo not thinking it was a big deal at all. Met with my daughters had dinner and then sent the photos to you. Just for clarification the vet appointment was to get a health certificate in your name for travel it was not for vaccinations. She has already had those. That is why i have to be paid before i can get the health certificate because they are individual for each client. I just have to get things done in an order. The reason i told you i would have to be paid by 9am was because the rescheduled vet appointment was at 10am and without payment i could not get a health certificate issued to you. Without a health certificate she can not fly. It was no more no less. I did the best i could with the time i had and my busy schedule yesterday. You gave me the option of the sign or just forgetting it so due to the complications of it all i opted to forget it. It is very difficult to get all the details worked out for a puppies flight in one day. That is why i usually ask for at least three. You had contacted me over the weekend but since i never got an email from you i figured you were not interested in her. So i did my best yesterday to get it all worked out. You left a comment on the complaints board about me and left it out there for people to assume i do not give my puppies vaccinations. Why would you do that Curtis? If you own your own business then you are aware of how damaging stupid blogs like these can be. Did i really deserve that. Tone do emails have tones. Tone gets lost in email. I am sorry Curtis that this did not work out with Jasmine. You gave me an option to either comply to your will or back out of the deal. I made my choice. You are upset with my choice so decided to act in a harmful way. Not fair!
N  17th of Oct, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Melissa and I have talked, we worked everything out. After all we went through, I'd say forgo the emails and text and just pick up the phone. Once I said what I had to say and Melissa spoke her piece, we realized 2 things, she wasn't getting my emails and texts and I wasn't getting hers. I have my new pup, my wife and I are happy.
D  27th of Oct, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Wow! I am absolutely appalled at the lies you are saying about Melissa and her dogs. You are all bold face liars that have obviously had everyone cater to you in life. After working with Melissa to get a puppy from her, I truly believe you have all taken a situation that was very honest and straight forward and turned it around to blame her as you didn't get your way. Her puppies are of amazing quality and personality. I called her a year ago now to purchase a female from her. She asked me several questions about what kind of dog I was looking for as far as size, quality(show or pet), color, disposition, hair, etc. We spent several conversations discussing my home as well as her breeding knowledge to ensure both of us felt comfortable with each other. I wanted a dog that was not raised in a kennel and had no socialization. She wanted to make sure we were a family that could afford to properly care for the pet before we purchased it. There are several expenses to raising a pet besides the normal vet cost (food, grooming, toys, treats, etc) The female that I initially fell in love with ended up not being the best choice for our family and Melissa was very upfront with us. While the family wanting a wonderful pet would have been very happy with this female, she knew I wanted a dog with perfect teeth. I didn't want one that would have teeth turn or shift as the adult teeth came in. She took her to the vet several times and she had a wonderful bite but at the last visit found that she may have one tooth come in crooked. My daughter was going to use her for showing so we needed perfection. Missy called us right away and apologized but gave us different options right away. She could have very easily sent the female to me and we wouldn't have realized it until she was closer to 6 months of age, but she was too honest to do that. I have nothing but the upmost respect to her as a breeder. The lineage is amazing. The dogs were all DNA tested to verify there was nothing but purebred dogs in her line by AKC. Besides the facts that she has several generations to go back on genetics with.
To Ms. James: seriously you are going to complain because she wouldn't hold a dog for you to make up your mind if you wanted it or not. Her main goal it get her puppies in loving homes. So she holds the dog for you and then you decide not to get it... then she just lost the sale and the next person has gone on to find another dog. I wouldn't hold a dog for anyone that was not serious enough to put a deposit on the dog either. You don't walk into Walmart and tell them to hold a TV for you without a deposit/layaway, so why would you expect someone to hold a dog for you without a deposit... Oh I get it ... you expect to be catered to. Life doesn't work that way.
THUD: Now seriously, you obviously don't have a working brain cell... or don't care about your family safety. For you to meet someone on line and invite them onto your property puts your entire family at risk. I work in a city ER as a nurse and see deals go bad every day in fact several times a day. I commend Missy for protecting her family. If you are concerned about buying a dog from a breeder, contact the local police/sheriff department and ask them about the conditions of an establishment. If a breeder has nothing to hide, which I know Missy doesn't just with the several conversations I have had with her, she would have no problem with the officers to come inspect the property and give you a follow up report. They will be upfront and honest with you . Maybe you don't believe in protecting your family or yourself and that is your choice but people on the internet can make themselves to be anyone that they want to be. There a easy ways to check on a breeder but without a thorough background check on an individual you are setting yourself up to be injured.
LUVMYFAMILY: I have only one thing to say to you...LIAR LIAR LIAR. You are going to hell for telling false statements about someone. First of all, you really expect me to believe you picked up a brand new puppy in the dark and didn't turn a light on to inspect the dog the entire ride home, BULL. Second, Missy is way to cautious to meet someone in the dark. Have you not read her blogs above... she doesn't let people on her property for fear of the crazy people in the world so now you expect us to believe that she is going to leave in the late evening/ dark to do an exchange. Thirdly, She is way to good of a breeder to breed deformed dogs. None of her dogs that she uses to breed have deformities in the line. She breeds to perfect the breed and stay within AKC standards. She doesn't just throw two dogs together to see what she comes up with as many other breeders do. So you better get your facts straight as you owe her an apology or you will find yourself in a very HOT place later on.
Ceedee3: Honestly I think you owe her an apology. You attempted to ruin her reputation and have damaged it to some extent because of your blog. You need to tell the entire truth and admit you were wrong. I know there is much more to the story than you want to admit. I am sure able to read through those lines.

Finally, Missy keep up the great work. I love my little girl and will definitely call you when we are ready for another pet. I have sent many people your way as I know the quality of dogs you produce. She is a wonderful dog that is perfect in everyway. You did a wonderful job getting us the exact dog we wanted.
D  3rd of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I saw this blog after I purchased a maltipoo puppy from Melissa. It was actually right after I picked him up from the airport. I live in Cleveland, Ohio so I had to rely totally on my conversations with Melissa. This blog really made me question if I had made a mistake buying from her. I viewed the video she had posted of the two little male puppies, at least 20 times, trying to reassure myself this puppy was actually the one I purchased. I contacted the vet that signed the certificate, which was included on the crate with the puppy. She assured me Melissa is in there often with her puppies and if there was anything wrong with the pup, the vet would not allow the puppy to be sent. Melissa contacted me immediately after her vet called her, telling her of my concern. There is no way to be 100% positive without being able to visit the kennel myself. I can tell you I received an adorable little male who seemed very well adjusted after his long trip from Arkansas. I purchased a male golden-doodle several years ago and when I picked up that puppy, he was so traumatized from the 3 flights he had to take to get him to Ohio, he still has issues in the car. This little guy I got from Melissa on Wednesday was very happy to see me, had no problem eating when we got home and was just as happy running around as any puppy I have ever had. As far as I'm concerned, this male maltipoo is well adjusted, beautiful little pup.

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