Meijerthe cashier service is horrendous

I am not one to complain much at all but I have had enough. The local Meijer store that I have went to for years here in Northville has the slowest service I've ever experienced. This isn't just a sporadic thing. This is the norm. I have decided to start shopping at Kroger down the street. I waited for ten minutes in one line and it didn't move. I am not exaggerating here at all. So I moved to another line and it was no better. I was going to just leave my cart with everything in it and drive down to Kroger but at this point I had 20 minutes in waiting time alone so I thought that to be pointless. 15 or more lanes and usually only 4-5 are open. Even the express do it yourself checkouts had lines of 10-15 people. It's ridiculous. This is how this store is 90% of the time. It was not a high traffic time. I'd expect this on a weekend or Friday night maybe but not at 11:30 AM on a Wednesday. I thought to go to Kroger but decided to stick with Meijer thinking that they wouldn't be slow at this time of the day. I thought wrong and should have stuck with the first idea.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Northville, MI I will be going out of my way to give Kroger my money from now on. I'm done. I've been dealing with this for five years. This isn't about special circumstances. This is 100% poor store management. This store would make a ton of money if they would move more people out the door at a faster pace. I totally get that if the store is getting slammed by a lot of customers, it takes time. This could have been handled easily if the lanes were opened. Even if it's just to get people out. Open your lanes!! Isn't this why they were installed? This store has got to be short on the projected earnings it could accomplish due to this issue. I bet it's capable of making much more money than it is right now. To top it off, the cashiers that are in the store work at a very slow pace. They have no ambition it seems. They just take their time and seem to make no effort to give the customer a great experience. On the positive side, the pharmacy is fantastic. I hope this complaint is something that will help. I don't mean to sound like a jerk. It's just a shame that such a nice store has to have such crappy service.

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