Medical Reception College Ltd / Jhina

This school is horrible, absolute scam. I do not recommend anyone to waste your time. I cannot find a job cause no one knows the college. Its all so fishy. Jhina is horrible and has no respect towards anyone and will put anyone down, I wish I would've have known it was this horrible. The girls in my class with me also feel this way. You cant actually become a unit clerk in 3.5 months it takes 2 years. All the clinics you are assigned are all friends likely of being paid by Jhina, the practicum is only 6 days when other colleges offer it for upwards of 4 months to gain the right amount of training and experience. The people at the practicums are all very rude and do not teach you a single thing, all you do is sit there while they do everything.

Mar 15, 2017

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