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MDU Communications / Most horrible service ever!

1 Totowa NJ, NY, United States Review updated:
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If you are ever in the market for a condo or rental apartment which includes internet and Direct TV in its maintenance or rent, make sure the service is not provided by MDU Communications. There are already so many bad reviews of this company online, but I experienced it first hand and owe it to the public to find out how horrible this company’s service is. One review said that MDU Communications has the “worst customer service ever, ” which I thought was an understatement after I had dealt with them myself.

The building where I purchased a condo unit (Newswalk in Brooklyn, NY) gave no choice as to cable providers except for Direct TV, not from the company itself, but re-distributed by the wholesale supplier company MDU, which also supplies “Hi-Speed Internet” to the building. I believe this is a marketing ploy developers use to appeal to buyers, who believe they are getting somewhat of deal by having TV and internet included in the maintenance.

Of course, as expected, the building’s Wi-Fi was slow, buggy, and often got disconnected. The Ethernet jacks in the apartment did not work. When I called MDU Communications’ technical support (now this is new, you MUST experience it yourself because you won’t believe it otherwise), their tech support people sounded like my kid brother or nephew, they definitely did not have prior customer service training at all. For every question, they would put me on hold for five minutes and then ask someone else, who still didn’t know what they were doing.


First off, they said the building had NO WI-FI, and that what I was connecting to (which had their opening homepage “MDU Communications”) was not from their company. Okay, so I said the Ethernet jacks in the unit didn’t work and they said they needed to authorize my computer to access their connection. I gave them my MAC address and they entered it in their system. Still nothing, but that I should wait until their server updates their system and I should have connection soon. Okay, I’ll wait.

Call #2

Two days later, I called MDU again, spoke to the teenager on the line who said that they DO HAVE WI-FI in the building but that I was not authorized to use it. Okay, then authorize me. He took my MAC address again, and said that I was now authorized (congrats!). Still no Ethernet, I told him. He said he needed to put me on hold, which he did for 10 minutes. He then said that for that, he needs to forward my request to engineering, and that I would get a call back.

Call # 3

One week later and no call from MDU. I call them back and scold another teenager who told me that when I called the last time, the problem “was resolved by asking the client to change the Ethernet cable.” Wow! I could not believe it! I said that I was waiting for a call from the “engineering department” and he said there was no record of that request. I begged the boy to put a request in for engineering to call me back to schedule an appointment for a Saturday repair visit, taunting him and saying “I know that no one will call me about this, and this request is going to be lost again.” He promised that he would personally call back within a day. Or course, no call. Instead, after three days, I received a voicemail asking me to be at my apartment the next day, which was a weekday, which I couldn’t do, that’s why I asked for the Saturday visit in the first place... (even writing this is exhausting!)

Call #4

Ten days later. I call MDU and tell them that I cannot make it to the scheduled repair tomorrow because it is a weekday, and I requested a weekend. Another young boy tells me that there was no request for a weekend repair date, but he can request one for me. It won’t be until two weeks from that date. I take it, I say, truly exasperated by this service at this point but having no choice because Verizon DSL was giving me an equally hair-pulling ordeal about transferring my DSL from my previous apartment (that’s another story). MDU leaves a message on my cell phone every three days saying that they scheduled a repair visit for the next day (weekdays) and if I don’t respond then they won’t come. I ignore the messages.

Call # 5

Three weeks later. I finally get my Verizon DSL working, and decide that I am done with dealing with MDU, so I call them the Thursday before their Saturday repair date (because, if not, they had a $60 cancellation fee!). A lady answered the phone this time. I said, “I’d like to cancel my repair visit for Saturday.” She asks if I would like to reschedule, and I say “No, that’s not necessary.” She asks why, and I say “I’ve been having so many problems with your company that I’ve decided not to bother, ” expecting her (like any other customer service person) to appease me in some way. She said, “Oh okay, I just need to write something down.” I’m not even kidding! I thanked her for the time and took down the cancellation confirmation number.

If you think this is over, the best part is to come! That Saturday, the date and time of the scheduled visit, the MDU repair guy did show up!! I yelled into the intercom, “I canceled you on Thursday, my confirmation is 10EB.” He said, “Nobody told me!” I laughed and said “Sorry!”

There is no sweeter justice than to have a sad, inconsiderate, incompetent and inefficient company get a taste of their own medicine. Because of their own stupidity and communication issues, they inconvenienced their own selves instead of their paying customers for a change. I love it when that happens, and although I feel bad for the repair person, I feel that I was put through so much more and nobody among the many people I spoke to at MDU Communication ever showed any concern for the inconvenience I experienced not having the service I already paid for, being put on hold for an hour combined, or speaking to all these incompetent people who have no place in customer service or being in an office setting.

All that being said, I would seriously reconsider using any service by this company, or give into any sales gimmicks by real estate developers or landlords that has anything to do with MDU Communications. Their customer service is a joke, and their actual service is worse!

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  • Su
      24th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    MDU is the worst company ever created. Because of our townhome assocation, we were forced to use them to buy directv. We spent 40k to set up our house with flat screen tvs, and bought all the directv boxes, etc. We have our tv working about 60 percent of the time, yet have to pay the directv bill 100%. That said, we lose signal and have to wait a week for mdu people to come out and attempt to fix the issue. They fix it, it lasts for a week maybe, then goes out again. It's absurd a company this bad is even in existence.

  • Tr
      13th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I've had DirecTV at my private residences for ten years and have had very few issues. I recently had to move to Arlington, VA and am renting a condo which uses MDU as the service provider. This company is more than a joke, it's criminal. They are a scam. I've had DirectTV since August 8th, on August 23rd it quit working, MDU fixed it on August 27th. It worked for one day. The next available appt is Sept 17th. Do I really need to say anything else? Oh, there is one more thing, the average wait time on hold is about 30 minutes.

  • Mi
      1st of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I had to laugh reading those because I've dealt with all of those things from this joke of a company in the last 6 months. Getting set up actually wasn't all bad...only took 3 days I think. But once I tried to get them out to address a weak signal, and several channels never coming in...that's where the fun started. 2 weeks after the call the guy comes out, can't fix the problem, and leaves us without our network stations (which were working fine before). A call a day later to have them out to fix that, and they try and schedule for for 2 weeks after that. 45 minutes on hold to talk to a supervisor winds up with a call back...which never comes. A call the following day, gets a supervisor who says he never received an escalation from his CS rep. I'm able to get a tech out in 2 days...who fixes the problem with my network stations, but leaves us with almost no channels coming in on our living room set. Approx 5 more calls over the next few days yeild nothng but more fustration. The signal issue seemed to resolve itself back to it's original state...and I wind up telling them that I don't want them to come out and screw anything else up. Happy ending is that my development has cancelled their contract with MDU and I can order directly from a legitimate company.

  • Ke
      3rd of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Could not agree more. I now live in Tacoma, WA. Haven't lived in NY for 2 years. These idiots continue to send me bills telling me I was disconnected due to lack of payment and owe them the balance. Oh wait, "you di-eh pay no money" I think is what they said. Numerous calls have been made, sometimes they tell me the account was cancelled and disregard the bills, other times, I owe the money. The DirecTV box was mailed in upon us moving out of our condo and the account was cancelled on both ends. These people lack education and common decency. But I should pay them $100 because "their records show that I owe it". They don't even keep an accurate record of your calls, it depends on who you speak to and if they have a basic knowledge of computers, which most of them do not. They were missing records on about 4 of the calls that I made. A pathetic excuse for a company.

  • Te
      7th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    not sure whether i'm glad or sad to see that others understand the horror that is MDU. they have consistently provided us horrible service (live in a condo in Jersey City, NJ). our internet goes out all the time and when you call all you get is the 'i'll send a tech guy out' line. it usually takes at least a week for that to happen. and the directv service is even worse. we tried upgrading to the newer HD DVR last year and they could never get it to work. the guy said we didn't have enough 'racks' in our building to support everyone. not sure exactly what that means, but sounds like MDU has skimped on building out the infrastructure necessary to support our building. anyway, fast forward to a few weeks ago and i decide to give the HD upgrade another go. partly because i now work for directv and get a really nice discount on service. so i figure i want the best receiver to view all of the HD channels I'll now be receiving. well, now the tv service cuts out all the time and the internet is suffering interruptions as well. have a tech guy coming tomorrow and i fully expect the same 'not enough racks' line to be thrown around. the best part of all of this is that despite the fact that MDU has probably received hundreds of complaints from our building, including several reports to the BBB (i've submitted 2), they refuse to acknowledge that there is any dissatisfaction with their service to our building. even better, the somehow weaseled their way into a 15 year exclusive contract with our building (about 12 years left to go). and because they claim no one is complaining about the service, our efforts to get out of the contract have failed thus far. unbelievable. it has me and my wife contemplating moving it's gotten so bad.

  • Ca
      22nd of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    they suck i already stay in a income based apartment complex and i was told that i have to pay two cable bills .could you imagine that crap well as you probably k now there is alot of people who do not have cable out there where i stay and that is sad i wonder when they are going to just shut them down period.

  • Di
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I moved into a housing area where the HOA chose MDU to provide Direct TV service. THe prior owner of the house paid for Direct TV one year in advance so I have to prorate the payment and have almost 6 months remaining on the contract. When I called to set up service with MDU, I waited 15 mins before someone answered the call. Then, I learned that with HD Service, I have to buy the equipment before the service can be scheduled. Then, I learned it will be over two weeks before a technician can come out to set me up and he does not call first to let me know he is on the way.

    This is a crappy way to provide customer service. I am already a dissatisfied customer and will call to question next March at the HOA meeting our business relationship with MDU. I am sure there are other HDTV service providers who are more customer satisfaction oriented. Dallas, Texas

  • Ja
      4th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes


    It is under going reconstruction and service related issues are being addressed, I expect within the next few months customers will notice a new face form MDU, faster responses with regards to sevice affecting issues and more experience with service related calls.

    Thank you,


  • Md
      17th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with everyone who placed a comment in this site, i had MDU for about 5 years, and i have to say im just as dissapointed as everyone here, every MDU customer is better off speaking to their property manangers and making sure that MDU does not provide service in their units anymore, it worked in my building, we have about 255 units, and i was able to get 80% of tenents to sign a agreemen letter, in which they where able write down their complaints.

    It surprices our managment office how many complaints their were against this company, their were complaints about their bills the most, every week they would send a tech out becuace the service was out and every week 50% of the building was charged a $60 missed appointment fee, for either not picking up the phone when they were down stairs, or for not having a name of the person in the management office who was going to escort them, their was even 1 elderlly lady who stated she got charged $65 for a customer education she asked the tech how to bring up the channel guide, and becuase of this question she was charged $65, its retarted how this company always has a excuse for every charge.

    Every one is better off going directly with Direct TV, believe me you will be getting better service with them directly, and better customer service also they are more advanced in their satellites then MDU is, and they have many more technians in every state then MDU does, believe me when i say that if you ever have any tech issues, they will always send a tech out to fix it, and they'll charge for anything any little thing. In our building the service went out atleast 2 times a week and the tech will be here atleast 1 time every week if we were lucky.

    A Employee admited to me that they barely have any techs in my area which is why it took them 3 weeks to send one out when its a personal visit not a entire building visit, she admited that the service was always out becuase the satellite needed to be upgraded and the only way it would get done is if the managment office called their sales line and inquired about upgrading the satellite, she also admitted the service is not reliable not only in my buildidnt but in many other properties also, this employess is acutally a close freind of my husbands side of the family and she broke down all their inside issues to me in person. i could write a book on how bad it is to have their service and to know how bad their systems are and their satellites.

    but in conclusion if you want to have guarenteed TV service every day in any type of weather, please save your selves a huge headace and get them out your property or if you are buying a condo in which MDU services dont move in without finding out if you have options in which you can pick out who you would like to be your CABLE company.

    If your looking for more info in regards to how bad they are, try speaking to a current tenant before moving in, or check other websites in which you will find hundresss of bad reviews.

  • Md
      17th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes


  • Ei
      6th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Agreed!! MDU SUCKS!!! Living in an apartment in Colorado & MDU is all that's offered for TV service (thank God I have another option for internet!) Half the time there's no signal at all and the other half the picture quality is poor. I thought maybe it was because I still had a standard def TV, so I splurged & got a brand new 40 inch HDTV. Got it all set up and the picture was even worse because no HD channels were detected...WTF?!?!?!?!? I called tech support for the TV & they said it was a problem with the TV service company. Just for kicks, I lugged the TV over to my dad's house & set it up there & got an outstanding quality picture.

  • Gr
      7th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm not going to complain about your service. This email is to help you out and save you customers when it comes to satellite & cable TV. This will stop the phone calls, when weather is bad. Please contact me and let me save your customers and stop crediting accounts losing money.My name is Regina Springer and you may call me at 303-755-*5027.

    Looking forward for your call.
    Best Regards,
    Regina Springer

  • Gr
      7th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I live in Colorado, where it snows alot, and I continusously can't get cable because of mother nature. So I kept thinking what could you do about this ongoing problem. I have come up with a great solution to this problem. If someone could please get in touch with me, I guarantee you this will slowdown complaints and at the same time bring more $$$ to your bottom line, and possibly create more revenue and jobs. We are in a recession. Please contact me, Regina Springer at 720-364-3414.

    Thank you for your time, Regina Springer

  • Jm
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    That sounds like something you should have talked to your landlord about rather than dealing with a ### company for so long. Obviously your property management enjoys working with the company and has more influence over their customer service.

  • I0
      12th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went to their website and sent an email to the only email I could find on the website. Something like or something... I was actually asking for a PDF copy of their sales collateral as I am trying to upgrade the speed of my internet as well as get HDTV service with DVR. I am already a current customer. I requested the collateral over a month ago and have not heard back. BTW, what's up with that ridiculous hold music? How can a technology company not have an online portal for you to pay your bill? I don't use regular mail, so this is the only singular account payable in my life that I have to call and listen to their idiotic jumble of TV commercials (which don't work well without watching them [hint].

  • Tf
      15th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I live in a highrise in Chicago and am stuck with MDU as my provider -- not only do they have terrible internet service, but they complemenet it with miserable customer service. After searching their website and the internel the only email addresses I could find were: ''; ''; '' and then a general manager (listed below).

    I have sent out the following email (to all MDU email contacts listed above) and if I do not receive a reply or have my issue resolved I will presonally begin to call MDU's CEO, Sheldon Nelson (973) 237 9499 ext. 4007 and leave a message every business day until things are resolved -- I would love if other would follow.

    To: Steve Moore, Mid West Region General Manager (

    My name is XXXX and my service was installed on April 5th 2010, and since then I have been unable to use the service because of how slow it is ( .11mbps download speed - refer to attachments for further support).

    I am a financial consultant and NEED to have a reliable internet connection in order to work from home and respond to client emails at any hr of the day. Currently MDU’s internet service has failed me multiple times and has caused me to travel back to my office after 10pm in order to address/complete client work – this is unacceptable. Additionally, customer service has been terrible at best (extremely long wait times when calling, being informed that I would receive a call back or be contacted and have not, sending multiple emails to technical support while receiving no responses).

    The following is taken directly from your website:

    “Imagine being able to download at lightning speed, without having to worry about lost connections! MDU Communications (USA) Inc. (MDU) delivers state-of-the-art, high-speed broadband Internet access and solution-based Internet services, providing expert technical and customer support... The advantage of the on-premise Internet connection provided by MDU in each building is an affordable, dedicated connection, that will not slow down when others log-on…”

    My current interpretation of MDU’s advertising = False Advertising: the use of false or misleading statements in advertising which has the potential to persuade people into commercial transactions that they might otherwise avoid.

    Besides the time, frustration, lack of response from customer service reps, I have been informed that I will receive zero compensation or reimbursement – in other words your company will charge me full price for services which it advertises and promises, but then does not provide.

    According to your 2009 10-K, MDU has not shown profit in its operations since inception, and that it had accumulated losses > $52M. I am certain that the lack of customer service and poor product/service quality are leading factors contributing to this large deficit. Only after searching “MDU communications complaints” on Google did I begin to fully realize how wide spread your customer service issues are.

    Hopefully you are aware of some of these issues already and are currently busy addressing them, but if not I hope this email provides you with some real insight into how numerous customers feel about MDU’s services and customer support.

  • No
      17th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I live in large upscale apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. For the SECOND time in less then a month I am without any cable service for at least three days this time. Last time it as 2 days. The reason being MDU will only send a tech out to this property for service calls on Tuesdays only AND only if their tech is available..if not wait till next Tuesday! Horrible company. The managing company for this apartment is at fault as well on my opionion as using MDU is obviously a cost effective for them and tenant inconveniece be damned. I am so frustrated and annoyed with the poor service I am seriously thinking of moving.

  • An
      5th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    MDU acquired the little ISP that serviced Liberty Towers (Delrey Technologies). Delrey had excellent service (a real live tech guy in the building who actually knew how to diagnose routing issues! amazing!) and good technology. MDU acquired them and promptly:

    1) Lost my billing info and cut off my service shortly after acquisition (oops, they restored it when I complained several times). They couldn't provide any explanation for how it had happened.

    2) Lost my billing info again and had to call me to ask for it (they don't have an on-line form to fill it in somehow). Billing guy says their new system crashed and they lost all of the old DelRey records, hence needing to call every single customer and get info again.

    3) Cut me off again yesterday (Aug 4). Not sure yet of the reason, have to guess it's their billing system again. My billing info hasn't changed in 5 years. Go figure.

    I'm trying to make it easy for these guys to take my money every month - why is it so hard??

    If my building had a viable alternative, I'd jump on it immediately. Sadly, Comcast is almost as bad, more expensive and slower speed... so I'm afraid I'm stuck with MDU until I move out. Which to be honest is something I'm considering more and more seriously.

  • Ez
      5th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Having the same issues at Liberty Towers. They called to get my credit card number two days ago because their billing system is having problems. My response was, you have it in your system otherwise how were you billing me for the past year? I refused to give my credit card information out over the phone to some random guy saying he was calling from my ISP. Then he asked for my email to email me an address where I could mail a check. I was like you have that too, or did you lose everything but my phone number? Either way, having a "Collection Services Specialist" call because they are having an issue with their billing system and have them try and make their lives easier, instead of the customer, was annoying to start.

    Then late last night, my internet just goes out. I call them and they say they will have the on call technician take a look and that it should be up by the morning. It was still down in the morning and I call back and now they are saying they are aware of the issue and they will send someone out today to fix it. Just called them back again, and I'm informed its an internal issue and that no one was sent out to look at it.

    Delrey never gave me a run around when their were issues and they usually fixed them within an hour. Its not 18 hrs after I first called in the issue, and they can't even give me an ETA.

    The sad part of this is that the way the apartments are wired you can't have DirecTV and Comcast at the same time. So if you want DirecTV(or NFL Sunday Ticket) then you have to use MDU for internet.

  • 63
      8th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    August 2010 - MDU is currently installing cable lines to each condo unit at 6301 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660 - the service is not up and running yet, however, homeowners are already worried... The crown molding used in the hallways to cover the new cables are different colors. The crown molding is plastic and uses three different colors. The sizes don't match. It looks terrible. An MDU employee said they will paint them one color, but, this will not solve the problem of the being different sizes. The gaps are soo large in the molding that you can fit a finger through it. I can't wait for the service, but, after reading ALL OF THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS we are seriously worried.

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