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I started using connect a few weeks ago as an adjunct profressor teaching Spanish online at a private university. This is when my nightmare began. I have taught online classes using two other purblishers' programs and yes, it is always a bit confusing at first, but using this has been a living hell both for my students and for me. It is total chaos to say the least.

I called into the university person who hired me to tell her that I will not be teaching the other half of the course (Spanish 102) due to this horror. That is when she told me, " Yes, they don't have their online program completed yet." Then please tell me why I am using it to teach a class online? To make matters worse, the university allowed a waiting list and students were signing on two weeks after it started for a seven week class.

Here is the very worst of it...when I call in for help, no one seems to be able to assist me with anything, especially with the gradebook. They tell me to go to this or that place on the computer and nothing happens. There are a zillion options to make it more confusing. There is no audio to allow students to learn pronunciation and when I tried to record on their system, I didn't download the program for that because it came up that it is dangerous to my computer! I can't believe that they actually charge students for this torture.

If you are considering using Connect for any course, I wouldn definitely read lots of reviews first, because they are all saying the same thing.

Jun 7, 2015

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