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McGee pre owned Superstore / To People submitting complaints against McGee Superstore

1 32 Schoosett StPrembroke, MA, United States Review updated:

To the people submitting complaints against McGee Pre Owned Superstore:

We have been trying to resolve our issue since last SIX months. We are screwed by false contract, extended warranties, and etc etc. NO RESOLUTION YET. BUT Wait and keep your eyes on the news channels. Not only conversations but with many other evidence. If you would like to join the crowd, simply reply back to this message...

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  • He
      17th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Liars!! This is THE BIGGEST SCAM DEALERSHIP in all of Massachusetts! Read the thousands of horrible reviews online. They never ever tell you the real price of the car, their online price is only to get you to travel to their place where they automatically double/triple the price. On top of all the scams and illegal stuff going on, the owner and employees are awfully rude. They actually told my 5 and 6 year old girls to " shut the [censored] up so we can deal".

    If you think most car salesmen are [censor], wait til you meet these people. They are slimy snakes to the core.

  • Al
      25th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Have to echo what many others have said about McGee. While we found one of the salesman, Jim, to be particularly helpful. Others were not at all. When drove our car off the lot, it died in the middle of the road and myself and 2 boys (3 and 5 years old) were almost hit by an oncoming 18 wheeler. Incredibly scary, and unbelievable. General Manager Sofiane Chahd upon return to car was not trying to be apologetic but rather chalking in up to the fact that we had bought a used car with a lot of miles and therefore what did we expect. Lack of professional demeanor in a situation like that is not excusable. Like others have said, they try to wheel you in with this unbeleivable prices online, and then say "No, that is what we bought it for, that 's not the price." Hmm, oh, yeah, why didn't we think of that. Of course we should have known that from looking at the website.

  • Do
      15th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Worst experience of my entire life! All of the staff are incredibly unprofessional and rude! I wonder how they can stay in business. Can't wait to complain to the BBB and the Attorney General about how they "do business". Scammers, bait & switch, liars, cheats, dishonest, etc. Stay far away from this dealer if you want a good car!

  • Je
      12th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    These people Suck at selling cars! I would go down the street to Mcgee Toyota. The guys over at that store are more helpful and honest.

    Mcgee pre-owned tried giving me a 20% interest rate stating banks are not loaning money anymore! BULL-**** 20% is a way higher rate than the rate I was currently in from the vehicle I had purchased 5 years prior at Mcgee Toyota.

    I than asked if they had contacted my current finance company Wells fargo and they told me Wellsfargo no longer finances cars or does auto loans.

    I went home called wells fargo and in 15 minutes had a new loan with a much better rate. I feel like going back wating tons of the time those [censor] have and than after making them think Im going to buy a car tell them oh wait you lied to me have a nice day ***-HOLES!

    Dont get fooled!

  • Ro
      23rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    We are going to be submitting a complaint to the Attorney General's office for unfair and deceptive business practices. McGee has refused and ignored our requests to honor their warranty after purchasing a 25, 000 car. We are looking into hiring an attorney as well...seems like there could be a class action against them...It is amazing that this company is still in business and now we are out several thousands of dollars repairing the vehicle which McGee should have done before the car even drove off the lot.

  • Dm
      23rd of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    They are THE BIGGEST SCAMMER in the car buiesness bar none!!!
    Don't believe a word that NIck or Jim say JUST STAY AWAY!!!
    I had Nick tell me he was warming up a car for me as I was driving in to put a deposit on it from the Cape in the snow storm of 12/20/2010. He said he could not ta a deposit on it over the phone, that I had to come in right away as he he another person coming in to look at it. He call several times while I was driving to make sure I was indeed coming in to put a deposit on it. He then called and told me Jim would take care of me! I recieved a call for Jim to tell me every thing was all set and just ask for him. When I arrived I asked for Jim. He told me he never talked to me and tried to show me another car. The car I was driving in to see was just sold a half an hour ago and the fella just drove of the lot in it!!! SWITCH AND BAIT!!!

  • Rk
      9th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was also fooled by this dealership. Worst dealership in Massachusetts. Very shady!!! I wish I read these reviews before I purchased my vehicle. Something more needs to be done to this dealership. They should not be allowed to keep selling cars!

  • Ds
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    biggest bunch of scam artists ever encountered!!!customer service was very poor and unprofessional.cancelled a warranty on 10/18/2010.was told that it would take 6-8 weeks to refund.have now been waiting for 5 months now, and no money recieved.the matter has been taken up with attorney generals office already.i am now suing them in small claims court.on top of everything else, they tried selling me the worst car on their lot.when i tried to get out of the deal, they would not let me out.i was forced into buying another car from them.when i found out that i was getting ripped off again i tried leaving the car at the dealership.the manager became very rude and threatned to take me to court.they also tried using scare tactics on me to get me to keep the car.dont ever buy a car from these people.nothing good will come from it.also attorney generals office told me they are already under investigation for this sort of thing.their is also at least 1, 100 complaints on file with BBB.hope this helps.

  • Dm
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    If you look up [censor] car dealers in the dictionary you will definatly see McGee Preowned Super store's picture next to it!!! The worst part is when you report them to the BBB, the BBB excepts their laim excuses and does nothing but add good points to their score! What is wrongwith the BBB?

  • To
      20th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I went there two years ago with my daughter to look at a used Nissan Altima. We took it and then others for a ride. At the end we decided to get the first one due to lower mileage and price. They said "someone called and put a deposit on it". That eas within the hour?? I went back the next week and the car was still advertised for sale. Needless to say I got into a heated discussion with the salesman and sales mgr. What a bunck of lying ###. I wouldn't go back there to use their rest rooms. STAY AWAY!!!

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