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McDonald's / overall customer service (drive thru)

De Jan 9, 2019

1-8-19 at 5:04 pm
KS#13 Order 32
I placed my order through the drive thru. I ordered and pulled up to pay. They said you have two cokes. I said no I ordered... (repeated my order back). The person at the window seemed like they were trying to figure it out. It took awhile then they finally went and got someone to help. She shut the window and was gone for awhile. The lady came to help opened the window and proceeded to fix the problem. I repeated my order to her and then she worked with the computer and said I owed $12 and some change. Then she said that's not right and pushed some more buttons and took my credit card. I pulled up to get my food and they were confused as well trying to give me someone elses order. They shut the window and I waited for awhile again. They came to the window and asked me to pull up. I pulled up and waited again for awhile. I finally thought they forgot about me, so I honked to get someone's attention. A lady came to the window and apologized for the wait. She went over the food and it was wrong and she fixed it. I said I still need my drinks. She apologized and went and got them. The chocolate milkshake had sat there for so long it was not solid and very runny. The coke I ordered had been sitting so long the ice was melted some. She replaced the milkshake and made another one at my request. I left. Drove down the rode and my little boy opened his happy meal and got the toy out and started crying. I said what is wrong and they gave him a girl toy. I had told the one taking the order several times to make sure it was a boy toy.
The board said it was Increadible 2 toy. My ticket said Monster Jam and we got a girl toy. Needless to say my children and I are very unhappy with the service and quality of the items we ordered. Surely this isn't how you want to leave your customers feeling never wanting to go back.

Debra Dickey
10208 Chestnut Ridge Road
Lynchburg, TN 37352
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