McDonald’smanager / food /service

The McDonalds at Sun Valley in Indian Trail NC is a horrible joke! The manager is a mean, vile person to her staff AND to customers. She takes no partiality to eithe! It's a poor excuse even for a fast food establishment. We are trying to get the community to get together and ban everyone from going there. Hoping with no business it will either be forced to remedy the situation or just shut down so something lik Chick-Fi-Let who makes customers a priority might come in. The community would pay more to be able to actually get food. Tonight she left her " mic " on and for 20 minutes at the drive they all you could hear was her screaming ridiculously at her employees. They may be teenagers but they are people.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Indian Trail, NC Way to make yourself seem important! Tear down these kids morales!! Finally go inside after over 20 minutes to try to get food only to find her having a screaming match with another customer. AND THEY WERE OUT OF SODA!! How do you NOT have soda on a Friday night? You can't complain to franchise owner because he doesn't return messages!!! This place is a running joke!! We have 2 more in the area that are a close 2nd however this one is the absolute pits of bad food, no food, no drinks etc. all served up with a dose of " I don't care just leave!! Breakfast burritos after 15 mins the size of your pointer finger. Glazed chicken strips with 1 ( one ) teaspoon of sauce drizzled ( can I even use that word) on the complete order. Each piece got one tiny bit of sauce!! Not sure about the rest of the country but Union County NC has some of the absolute worse!! My daughter and my grandkids absolutely hate McDonalds. I only order the fries. I wish I could forward you the many many many posts about this areas McDnalds.


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