McDonald'sdrive thru

on not, 302018 at7:11 pm I ordered6 mcdoubles, 6 double hambugers, and 4 small frys. upon receiving a bag I ask for extra catsup and ask if this was everything. she assured me it was I drive with heater on to the point I was sweating to keep food warm for the 2 mile trip home I get home only to find the 6 double hamburgers were missing I called them she ask if I had receipt I replied that I did.i was then told to bring my receipt and I they would make it right.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Wheelersburg, OH I go back give them my receipt and I get handed a bag and window shut in my face I get to train track about 1/2 mile away I grab a hamburger out of bag and they were completely cold. they didn't put them under a heat lamp to maintain a safe temp. then get home to cold frys. as well as the other food was compeletly cold, I paid 23.14 for food not fit to consume more than dog food extras. I don't feel I should even have to pay for this meal what's so ever . because 2 bites of hamburger and 6 frys .that was all I even consumed

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