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McDonald's / burgers & fries

12/29/2018 @03:38 PM Drive-Thru Order #77

The customer service was sloppy from the beginning. I hope training will improve on repeating back an order to a customer as well as Thank you. This was a drive-thru transaction. The order was simple I thought, a sausage egg McMuffin, a small and a medium french fry, a cheeseburger no onions and 2 medium Sweet Tea's light ice. Order was correct however not hot is not an option. The cheeseburger was less than luke warm to the point that the cheese had not begun to melt. A line of 5-6 cars ahead of me and the Fries were also barely warm. this is not the norm for McDonald's Fries. It's almost a given that if the line in the drive thru is long then the fries will be piping hot. This was not the case at all. I was not asked if I wanted condiments so I asked a team member/manager for some Ketchup. She obliged attempting to give me 2 hands-full of ketchup. I had to say, no just 2 is enough.
Very disappointed in the service and the product.

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