Maytag Model Mer5555qab Range / stopped working

Purchased a New Maytag Washer, Dryer, Frig, and the Range unit listed above. The Washer's transmission went out after 14 months. It was maytags industrial model. Paid $75 to replace the transmission in it and now a year later its out again. The range unit listed made a popping sound and the lights went dim in the house for a second and now the oven wont work but the units on top work fine. The answer maytag had for me $75 service charge to come out and look at it. The Maytag store in Turkey Creek Shopping center in Knoxville was bothered by my phone call on yet another of there appliances I purchased just up and stopping. This must be a common call for them. They were as sweet as could be to get me to buy there junk. I will NEVER buy another maytag product again. I do not see how they saty in business. The address and phone number to the Mayutag Store in Knoxville is listed on this complaint. I would avoid them at all costs unless you like paying repair bills 14 months later

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