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I was given a $50 gift card massage and was convinced to turn it into a 3 month massage package for an additional $100. Sounded reasonable enough, right? When I tried to cancel the massage membership in December, I was confused by the process. I submitted my request twice via email. When I realized my credit card was not charged, I went ahead and made an appointment for one last massage and I cancelled my membership with the woman I made the appointment with. Well, my credit card was again charged for January. So, I called the company again and was told that I cannot cancel it over the phone or via email. I must MAIL a written statement saying I want to cancel or I can bring in a written statement myself. I cannot fax anything, scan a document and email or have someone else bring the document in. I am unable to use the massage for this month (medical) and I was hoping to transfer the massage to another client but cannot do that either. So, a $50 massage gift turned into over $250.00 in wasted massages and in tips.

Please, don't get a membership from Massage Heights Vintage Park. I suggest you pay for them as you need them. It's too bad. The massages I received were really good but I will never give my business to Massage Heights again.

Feb 1, 2016

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