Massachusetts Health Connectorenrollment/masshealth - a black hole of bureaucracy and frustration

B Aug 07, 2017

At one point a couple of years ago, I was briefly on Mass Health. I got a job w/benefits, so I cancelled Mass Health. I'm now a full-time student, with insurance I buy through school, however, I only need 2 classes to go, which is not enough to qualify for the school insurance plan. I went on the Connector and was told by the system I wasn't eligible for insurance (??!!??). I called and was told that 1. I couldn't purchase a Connector plan because my current 1099 contractor status prevented me from having verifiable income, so I had to use Mass Health, but 2. a "block" had been put on me for Mass Health because I'd gone off it. (???!!??) I questioned this -- I mean, what if your situation changes, as mine did? Was I being penalized for a time when I no longer took taxpayer help when I went off it and joined an employer plan???? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE.

I was instructed to call Mass Health. I called and waited a good 15 minutes before anyone could speak with me. After reciting my story AGAIN, I was told that I needed to call Mass Health enrollment to have them allow me to qualify. I've tried calling on my lunch break, but the wait time is ridiculous. This is the most poorly run, bureaucratic crapshow I've ever encountered. If the state's goal is to make me pay for an extra class just to get insurance, or struggle with paying for a marketplace plan, they should pat themselves on the back because they've won.

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