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Maria Duval is a scam artist. Address most recently that we have received mail from are: 14-3650 Langstaff Rd, #100, Woodbridge, Ontario,

L4L 9A8 as well as 1285 Boring Blvd., #403, Sparks, NV [protected].

My husband has lost money to this scam & she must be stopped!!! Her mailings come usually once a week which is very annoying & don't seem to find any way of stopping them. From whatI see, once mailings answered with money. you are a sucker. Guess because she is a scam, I have not found a site on the computer to discontinue such mailings.

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      3rd of Jul, 2010

    I don't care if I get mail from her, it is costing her, I would never give money to answer her correspondence. I just read them and leave them. I have been receiving mail from her since 2009 and I have never sent her any money. So the choice is yours, not hers, if you send money, it is your responsibility, don't blame anyone, unless you are sure that she is genuine. Your complaints only started through your naivety.

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      26th of Jul, 2010

    I was a victim of this vicious Maria Duval/Destiny Research Center also, as my husband and I are going through a Financial Hardship. I believe in astrology and then I got all of these letters, ring of re, talismans, books and from her friend Patrick Guerin/akaDestiny Research Center. I sent money too, like a desperate fool, but no more. I am notifying my bank if any check comes through for Destiny Research, stop payment, fraud. I would also like to get my money back as it is over $200.00 and I am very sick about it. We are in such bad shape, we are behind in our mortgage, we can't buy our medicine and groceries. What these scam artists don't realize is that if you are that evil to people in such bad financial situations that believe in luck and miracles and astrology that this will go back on them in spades. What goes around comes around. Don't think for one minute, all of the money and people you scammed that you are going to get away with it. I don't think so, the demons will come after you in spades, you do evil, it will come back and haunt you triple. I will never be taken again. I was desperate to believe, I know some people will probably not understand this, but I thought maybe something would come true. In the back of my mind, I thought, God forgive me if I have been scammed. Please forward this to the proper authorities, FBI CIA Attorney Generals Office.

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