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Hello please be aware of Andrea Bernasconi the CEO of who operates in Dubai and Saudi Arabia as he and his colleagues like Chris Martin of are professional Spam they will take all your money.
I wanted a Peruvian passport from them as its cheap (30 000$ before it rose hahaha) and my brother wanted the fast track passport of Panama which you open a bank account in their country and invest 300 000 USD with internet for 5 years etc... But they wanted us to send them 80% via wire transfer as they don't accept cheques because they are paper free or paper less company (which is not logical at all)
If you go to their office here in Boulevard Dubai you won't find anyone or maybe anything but I do admit that Andrea is very professional actor as he can give the best speech in the world ever and they like to keep following up with you via e-mail and mobile phone all the time while they are traveling from country to country hahahah.

lets suppose they try to persuade people to buy the cheapest option which is Peru passport.
30 000$ X 500 Customer = Almost 15 000 000 USD
ah and by the way the Peru passport needs 2 and half years to get it ( as Marhaba Panama said ) so Andrea will keep in touch with you for 2 years even they might send you to Peru hahaha...

I sent an e-mail to the Peruvian Embassy here in Dubai to get more information about the Peruvian citizenship, so the following is their reply:

Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for your kind email. This is to inform you that the Government of Peru actually does not sponsor any citizenship program to obtain Peruvian passport or labor card. We could not open the link you sent us, but it is better to be careful with this kind of websites could be a scam.

Best regards,

Consular Services

Consulate General of Peru in Dubai.

Jul 17, 2016

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  • Ma
      Jul 20, 2016

    Dear Me123490:

    We are very surprised and sorry to read your impressions on our Company Marhaba Panama Corporation.
    As we were reading your comments, we noticed there have been lots of misunderstandings in your relationship with us that we would like to clarify.
    We would also be very happy if, alter reading our response, you could contact us again directly with any question you might have so we can redirect the situation to a mutual benefit agreement. We are always available for you by phone, whatsapp or mail for any doubt about our company and/or services, and we believe those are a more successful communication channels than this website.
    Please allow us to clarify the following points you mention:
    - Cheques not accepted: That is correct, our company policy does not include cheques as a valid method of payment. Cheques are a risky way of paying for both sides, customers and companies, as the cash date is not fixed and might not happen due to insufficient funds. We understand your concerns regarding making a wire transfer through Internet, which is why we accept to contract an Escrow Service to ensure a secure payment. Escrow Services will intermediate between you as customer and us or any other provider, retaining the money and establishing clear milestones to release it. You can find an example of these services here:
    - Dubai Offices not open: Our offices in Dubai are always open for our existing customers, for potential ones are open with a pre-arranged date with one of our senior representatives. The type of product we are providing is extremely complex and requires a preparation and study from our staff in your personal case and circumstances in order to grant you an optimal and customized solution. Having said this, we encourage you to arrange a face-to-face meeting with us so we can advise you in the ideal program for you and your family. In this meeting you will also be able to express all your concerns and obtain answers for them. This has been our customer experience with 95% of our clients, resulting in very satisfactory results. Not only that, we do strongly advise you not to contract any provider for this matter without a face to face meeting.
    - Peruvian passport program and Peruvian Embassy response: Once again, that information is correct. Yes, Peruvian passport takes two years and a half to obtain it and yes, the reason for that period of time is because they do not have a Citizen by Investment program, as the embassy informs. They have a Naturalization law –like majority of the countries in the world- that requires living and/or visiting Peru and some formalities. This is different to other well-known Sponsored Citizenship Programs by Investment such as Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda or St. Kitts and Nevis, where passport is provided in less time and there is a specific law to acquire these passports without the need to visit or reside in the country. Panama travel passport program, also mentioned briefly by you, is not in this last category, because it also requires travelling to the country to benefit. You can find further official information on the Peruvian naturalization process here:
    And if you would like to hear further on Citizenship by Investment programs such as those mentioned above, they are also in our portfolio.
    - TDV Immigration is our business partner, we are not part of the same company at all, but we have a collaboration agreement that allows both companies to have closer customer management in terms of geographical distribution. This agreement let us to have the already mentioned face-to-face meetings. Both companies, TDV Immigration and Marhaba Panama Corporation are made up of reputable professionals leaded by Chris Martin and Andrea Bernasconi, both recognized also as trustworthy experts in Citizenship Programs.

    We hope these explanations cover your concerns and, as said before, please, if you have any doubt about our services or company, we encourage you to contact us directly ( -> Contact us) so we can solve them.
    We really hope hearing from you again
    Best Regards
    Marhaba Panama Corporation

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  • Me
      Jul 20, 2016

    I never saw such hypocrite company as you.
    Andrea Bernasconi and Chris Martin are professional scam and spammers. PLease whoever is reading this must be aware of them, they betrayed my friends and betrayed me as well.

    Donald Trump and UAE Government accept cheques. Who are you not to accept cheques?
    There;s no one in the world who accept signing an agreement and send wire transfer to clowns like you who gossip a lot via mobile trying to persuade us sending you money. You think we live in Jungle or what?

    Who ever is seeking second citizenship please make sure that you contact the country's gov and see if they have authorized agents and never deal with someone who is not authorized one.

    Andrea are you stupid or trying to be smart? If I pay you via escrow or via paypal or whatever, what you will give me in return?

    again shut up Andrea, whoever is reading this please contact Peruvian embassy in your country and see what their reply will be.

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  • Ab
      Nov 21, 2016

    Do not send any money to Marhaba Panama, or to Mr Bernasconi, or to Chris Martin and TVD IMMIGRATION !!! Are all members of the same network.They are not listed as agent for citizenship programs .

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  • Al
      May 22, 2017

    Dear friends provably you are a little confused, and maybe your expectations are to buy a passport online, maybe with a amazon like solution with free shipment? I have never found an authorized citizenship agent anywhere, and i don't think any developed country will never going to sponsor any citizenship or immigration program of any kind. For me Maharba Panama has worked perfectly, thanks to them today im a happy Panama Permanent Resident, and my naturalization petition is at the last step of the approval process. I Never have had any kind of problems or misunderstanding with Maharba Panama, neither with Andrea Bernasconi who by the way consider a professional, experienced, person. Bernasconi has been always clear, and straightforward. About the Payment: are you still using checks as payment method? its because you feel it's secure? Confy? Practical? Convenient? cheap? Really? Think about it a little more, and them still keep thinking for further another 5 minutes.. and you will found that Checks are good to pay the supermarket, laundry, phone bills, and the babysitter. Transactions like this one required a higher level of security, and hopefully a 3rd party as warrantor, Es Escrow Service as suggested by Marhaba Panama. Yes my friends this services are kind of particular, and out of standard, we are not talking about to get next local soccer team match tickets... we are purchasing ( for some) a new life, or a life improvement... so are we really trying to give a value ? a price? .
    I have the opportunity to see with my eyes how many paperwork, visits, waiting rooms, lines, governatives offices, functionaries, interviews, has been avoided from me by Maharba Panama, and I also saw with my eyes how many people have been involved and has worked on my program. I still have all emails, messages, letters, documents, DHL, Fedex, UPS, Faxs, intercorsed between me and Maharba Panama... so at the end of the day i really can say that i have gotten what i paid for. Last thing my friends, before Maharba Panama, i have been shopping around a lot and for long, and have never found anything clear, and tangible (caused with Maharba Panama people i have had face to face many times) my suggestion is to take a look of what is out there so you will understand as i did, that this Company is not that Spam Scam as you have been claiming ... pace! Alnair.

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  • Me
      Jun 06, 2017

    @Alnair Stop this game. It seems you are Andrea or his friend. No one in the world will sign an online contract and transfer money. If you are a real company and you have physical office in Dubai for example, provide me your license now and let's meet face to face and sign a legal contract. I messaged the Panama embassy and they said that they don't provide such passports. So stop fooling and fishing people.
    Countries who provide citizenship by investment are:
    St Kitts and Nevis
    Dominica and 3 or 4 more countries and on they provide authorized agents for them on their foreign ministry link.

    so stop now this game that you're doing because you want to show anyone who read this petition that you are real. Better for you to shut your mouth.

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